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So, these are nearly two months old now, but, seeing as I’m in Japan again, it’s almost like I took them yesterday! Except it’s much much hotter now. Melty hot. Anyway, back in May, I took a business trip to Japan, and snapped some round-the-town shots of Osaka and Yokohama. Here are the Yokohama highlights. Note the lucky clear shot of Mt. Fuji I got from my hotel room, and the “mega-rama” I stitched together of the cityscape!

As mentioned, I’m back in Japan now, and this time, it’s personal. I mean, vacation. So, mayhaps I’ll be able to grab and share some shots of Hokkaido, too–a little closer to home, as far as the strip is concerned!


More photos this Wednesday. This time, something a little different, from the Anpan-Man Children’s Museum in Yokohama. I could go on and on about the virtues of Anpan-Man. Just to briefly introduce for the uninitiated: Anpan-Man is a super-hero whose head is made out of red bean paste-filled bread, from which he pulls off pieces to feed hungry children. He battles the gadget-happy Baikin-Man (translated: Germ-Man), who is ever stealing food from those foolish enough not to recognize him in his many disguises (which is pretty much everyone). You can already see why we love Anpan-Man in my household.


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