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Urban JungleA little while ago, David Wilborn, creator of the fun jungle-in-an-office (literally) comic Urban Jungle, was out sick, and asked a bunch of creators for guest strips to help fill the gap. I wanted to help, so, in true Chris Watkins fashion, I pulled together a guest strip… a week late. Cue sad trombone. Fortunately, David was still able to use the strip to give himself a bit more break, so today–Labor Day, somewhat ironically–you can see my take on some of his Urban Jungle crew. Please click over, read, and enjoy!


A heads-up for the keen-eyed: David Wilborn has included a slew of webcomic characters in his pre-Halloween Urban Jungle comic. Go have a look! There’s somebody familiar in the background. If you’re an avid reader of webcomics, see who else you can identify.

Thanks for the trick or treat, David!


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