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I’m in Japan this week for day job business travel. In fact, I’m writing this to the future, from the past, in a tense that makes it sound as if I’m actually blogging while on the plane. Time travel is cool.

I’m loaded up with business meetings for the week, and expect to indulge in no sightseeing this trip, but, I will have a camera on me pretty much all the time, so:
If there’s something from daily life in Japan (vending machines, trains, conbini, etcetera) you’d like to see in a snapshot, write a comment or Tweet to let me know, and I’ll endeavor to oblige. Should make things interesting :)

Tonight I had dinner at a place that features an Osaka area specialty: kushi-age. Roughly translated: deep-fried stuff on sticks. The stuff ranged from shiitake mushrooms, to pork and chicken, to tiny boiled eggs and miniature green peppers. Delicious! Also had some veggies. Note the “salad” made of grated Japanese radish (daikon) topped with tiny dried fish and a drizzle of soy sauce. Excellent, I promise! Last night’s dinner was okonomiyaki (translated: grilled stuff you like). No pictures, but photos surely abound on the Internet for the curious. :)

kushi-age yasai 

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