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I’m pleased to report that I’ll be ringing in the New Year in style, by copping someone else’s style. That is to say, I’ve created a guest strip for Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys “Guest Strippin’ Xmas” event, and it’ll appear at www.th3rdworld.com/web-comic/The-SuperFogeys on Jan. 1st!

I’ve been a fan of Brock’s comic–about retired superheroes and villains living together in a nursing home–for a while now, and couldn’t pass up the chance to draw his characters. (Thanks, Brock!) Please have a look on the 1st, and check out the other guest strips running in the event (click and scroll down for a schedule).

First things first: It’s January 1st, so please go over to Brock Heasley’s The SuperFogeys to see the guest strip I created, featuring Captain Spectacular, Swifty, and Spy Gal! Let me say, seeing my artwork up on Brock’s site is an awesome way to start the new year. Thanks, Brock!

Also, I’m pleased to report I managed to squeak in under the wire and finished my illustration contribution to the Comic Creator’s Alliance. Hopefully, Lora at the CCA will post a preview of my piece in her news blog, but if not, that’s just one more reason to be sure you stop by the CCA site on January 11th (see my prior post about this for more info).

And, most of all, I want to say thank you all for reading in 2009–(ashamed to say I have a ton of comments I’m behind on responding to)–and I hope you’ll all stick around for what I have in store for 2010, the year of the tiger (no, not that Tiger, thank you). 2009 was an incredibly eventful year for the Watkins family. I’ve really had a blast launching Odori Park this past year, challenging myself, and meeting all sorts of wonderful people through the exercise. And, of course, there was the whole new baby thing. Here’s to an awesome 2010!

Toward the beginning of the year, I did a guest comic for Brock Heasley’s The SuperFogeys. Brock was kind enough to invite me–much to my pleasure–to try my hand at a SuperFogeys Origins story, which I’ve been working on, slowly but surely, the past couple months. So, needless to say, I like The SuperFogeys.

Brock has something big up his sleeve for his comic next week, and I wanted to help him spread the word. So, please take note of the following:

“If you’ve never read the SuperFogeys or it’s been a while since you have, now’s the time to check it out! Launched in September of 2006, the SuperFogeys has steadily developed into a hilarious and dramatic saga that’s far and away from its gag-a-day roots. Throughout its nearly four-year run, one villain has loomed over the residents of Valhalla-Home for the Supertired more than any other, the Third Man. We now know he’s secretly Dr. Klein, the founder of Valhalla, but what does he want? Who is he, really? And how do Spy Gal, Captain Spectacular, Swifty, Dr. Rocket and all the rest fit into his plans?

“Everything has been leading up to the bomb creator Brock Heasley will be dropping on Thursday, August 19th. Early reactions to the revelation (by those lucky few) have varied from “That’s a total mind screw” to “Holy Sh—!” (Okay, so that’s not a lot of variety. Reactions are pretty much the same across the board!)

“To celebrate, SuperFogeys will be running four updates August 16th-19th, Monday-Thursday. Then, in the week after that (after everyone’s had a chance to calm down!), seven consecutive daily updates August 23rd-29th, Monday-Sunday. 

“It’s time to catch back up with SF. What are you waiting for?”



UPDATE: I recorded my interview with the guys at Comics Coast to Coast, mentioned below, last night, and it was a blast. The episode–number 107–will be posted at comicscoasttocoast.com on Monday, Nov. 1st. Please check it out and share your comments!


I’m very excited to let you all know that I’m on the docket to be interviewed by the guys at Comics Coast to Coast, one of the Web’s premier comics podcasts. Brian, Jason and John at CCC have interviewed luminaries like Scott Kurtz, Stephan Pastis, Mark Tatulli, Brock Heasley, Amy Lago, and on, and on… And now they’ve seen fit to sully their good name by including me. Excellent.

I’ll post again soon with info about when to listen in. (Of course, you should go now and listen to archived episodes, anyway, right?)

Also, while I’m on the topic of podcasts, I should throw out two belated thank yous:

  • Thanks, again, to the CCC crew for naming Odori Park their Webcomic Pick of the Week back in August! Listen here.
  • Thanks, also, to Kurt Sasso, host of the TGT Webcomics podcast, and his guest, SuperFogeys creator Brock Heasley, for mentioning me in their chat about upcoming SuperFogeys Origins storylines! Listen here.

SuperFogeys Origins: Operation 'C.O.W.'For the past several months, as some of you know, I’ve been working behind the scenes–catch as catch can–on the artwork for a story set in Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys Origins universe. Today, at last, the fruits of our labor begin to unfold. Please head over to The SuperFogeys to see the first page of Spy Gal & Friends in ‘Operation: C.O.W.!

For the uninitiated: The SuperFogeys is Brock’s comic tale of a group of aged superheroes and villains living together at Valhalla, Home for the Super-Tired. He enlists other artists periodically to draw Origins stories about the days before Valhalla, when these supers were really super. In our case, Brock and I put together a tale of intrigue, suspense, and super-powered bickering, following the mysterious SpyGal as she struggles to uncover who–or what–is C.O.W.
The story will be updated weekly on Tuesdays for the next eight weeks, so please visit often, and if you’re not already familiar with the world of the SuperFogeys, spend some time in the archives. Please leave a comment, too, to let us know what you think of the collaboration!

In case you didn’t catch it last week, here’s a reminder: My turn at Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys Origins–the tale of Spy Girl & Friends in Operation: C.O.W.–is up and running, now on to its second page. Please click through and have a look. And check superfogeys.com today for the newest in Brock’s main storyline! More to come next week, stay tuned…

I also want to take this opportunity to publicly send my thanks to Tim Conkling (brother of Th3rd World’s Jon Conkling) for his assistance on the colors. Tim has been doing the color flats (applying flat areas of color to the inked artwork, on which I can build the final colors), and it has been a major help in getting these pages done on time. Thank you, Tim!

The next page in the adventures of Spy Gal and friends–written by Brock Heasley, and with art by yours truly–is available over at SuperFogeys.com. Please click through and enjoy!

It’s been quiet on the blog front for the past few weeks, and although the reasons are several, here’s a pertinent one: I have a number of guest projects in the works–my run on SuperFogey’s Origins, for Brock Heasley, is currently nearing its conclusion, and I have other fun irons (some of them, unfortunately, overdue) in that fire, about which I hope to elaborate soon. You’ve seen the results of my overtaxed plate in the form of comics that post later in the day than is normal for me.

On top of the guest projects, I have also been talking for quite some time now about putting prints of the comic strips up for sale, and about getting an Odori Park book together. I hate how long those projects have languished on the back burner!

In the interest, then, of giving these projects a chance to see the light of day–and for you to enjoy them–and in the interest of sleeping more than three hours a night, I have a plan: Starting this week, and through the middle of April, I’ll be reducing Odori Park comic strip updates to twice a week. (I’ll still aim to make posts on Wednesdays, but rather than comics, they’ll be blog posts with sketches, photos, or sneak peeks at these special projects.) Then, starting in the week of April 18th, I’m going to give you a chance to read something different from me–a comic strip submitted to the newspaper syndicates back in 2008 that few people have ever seen. That strip–Surreality, Inc.–will run three days a week for about a month while I attempt to kick book production into overdrive.

Thanks for sticking around! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy seeing the extra comics and materials I’ll be able to share in the next couple months!

The SuperFogeys Origins: Spy Gal & Friends in Operation: C.O.W., page 9After many months of secret work in the sidelines, and several weeks of updates at Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys.com, the tale of Spy Gal & Friends in Operation: C.O.W. has officially drawn to a close. Today, Brock posted the final version of the story’s final page. Please click over and read through the entire story. (Click here to start at page one.)

It was a blast for me to work on such a different sort of story compared to Odori Park, and with such dynamic characters. Maybe you’ll see more action adventure from me in the future. Let me know if you enjoyed the run!

(I have also noticed that this post has more colons on display than a proctologist’s office. That must be a record.)

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