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UPDATE: I recorded my interview with the guys at Comics Coast to Coast, mentioned below, last night, and it was a blast. The episode–number 107–will be posted at comicscoasttocoast.com on Monday, Nov. 1st. Please check it out and share your comments!


I’m very excited to let you all know that I’m on the docket to be interviewed by the guys at Comics Coast to Coast, one of the Web’s premier comics podcasts. Brian, Jason and John at CCC have interviewed luminaries like Scott Kurtz, Stephan Pastis, Mark Tatulli, Brock Heasley, Amy Lago, and on, and on… And now they’ve seen fit to sully their good name by including me. Excellent.

I’ll post again soon with info about when to listen in. (Of course, you should go now and listen to archived episodes, anyway, right?)

Also, while I’m on the topic of podcasts, I should throw out two belated thank yous:

  • Thanks, again, to the CCC crew for naming Odori Park their Webcomic Pick of the Week back in August! Listen here.
  • Thanks, also, to Kurt Sasso, host of the TGT Webcomics podcast, and his guest, SuperFogeys creator Brock Heasley, for mentioning me in their chat about upcoming SuperFogeys Origins storylines! Listen here.

TGT Webcomics PodcastA heads-up, to those who like to hear cartoonists babble about their craft, history, and idiosyncrasies: Kurt Sasso, illustrious host of the TGT Webcomics Podcast, has invited me on to the show for next Sunday, February 13th, at 7pm EST. (Don’t be mistaken: that’s not this coming Sunday, the 6th!) TGT is a live show, so if you’d like to participate in real time, be sure to head over to the show’s TalkShoe page (link) at 7pm EST on the 13th, and join the chat!


Just a reminder that my appearance on the live TGT Webcomics Podcast is scheduled for this Sunday, February 13th, at 7pm EST. If you’d like to participate in the chat, go to the show’s TalkShoe page (link). See you there!

The show on Sunday was a rousing success. It was lots of fun talking to TGT host Kurt Sasso, and surprise guest host Trevor Kent (of takacomics.com) about everything from Valentine’s Day, to the characters of Odori Park, to my deep dark comics past, and beyond. Please have a listen–the recorded show is now available to download through a link on the TGT Webcomics site: http://tgtwebcomics.com/podcast/ep150-odoripark/

Kurt also informed me that Odori Park is now officially entered in the TGT Webcomic Tournament! As I understand it, user votes will determine which of the creators interviewed in the past fifty shows will be brought back for more podcasting fun. (A home version of the game may or may not also be available…) So, please keep your eyes on the TGT site for news about when voting on the new round will begin!

Thanks, Kurt & Trevor, and to the guests in the chatroom. Hope to do it again!

Kurt Sasso, over at the TGT Webcomics Podcast, has unveiled the landing page for his third round [ed.: year, that is] of the TGT Webcomics Tournament. This time around, owing to my interview with Kurt back on episode 150, Odori Park is in the battle. Starting on August 1st, you can head to the landing page and cast your vote for the comics creators you’d most like to hear interviewed on the podcast again. Vote for me and Odori Park, and I might win some fabulous prizes, plus you’ll get to hear me babble on in another podcast with Kurt.

What’s not to like?

TGT Webcomics TournamentI blogged last week about the pending battle for webcomic podcastery about to commence at TGT Webcomics. Well, Kurt has since officially pulled the trigger on the starter’s pistol, and the dogs are off! Please check out the tournament page here: http://tgtwebcomics.com/projects/tournament3/ and place a vote for your favorite comics, including (naturally), Odori Park (right?).

If I win, I promise to figure out a way to share the prizes (there’s quite a growing list at the site) with you all, and of course, you’ll get to hear me stammer away for another hour-long TGT podcast. What could be better?

Just a quick update, folks: Thanks for helping me pass through the first round of Kurt Sasso’s webcomic battle royale. Round 2 is on now, and Odori Park needs votes, if I’m going to have the opportunity to land a second interview on the podcast, and to score some swag to share with you. Please head over and vote, if you can: TGT Webcomics Tournament, Round 2. Thanks!

Here’s the prize list, by the way. I haven’t yet figured out how I’ll pass the winnings along, but I’m thinking some sort of contest would be in order. Feel free to comment with your ideas!
  • Webcomics: What’s Cooking? cookbooks
  • Limited edition Lar deSouza magnets
One of the following:
  • So Super Duper prize pack
  • Package of Eben07 books and 2x Nerf Mavericks
  • WAGON Card Battle Delta Deck with Brentafloss card

The last few days have been pretty busy ones. Teaching my 5 year-old son to play Magic: The Gathering, and eating half a moldy Pop-Tart aside, here are a few important things that happened:

Late last week I received word from the printer that the first copies of Odori Park: East Marries West will be shipping to me on the 17th! If you’ve preordered a copy (and it’s not too late, you know), I should be able to ship it out to you before the end of the month.

TGT Webcomics Tournament:
If you voted for Odori Park in round two of Kurt Sasso’s competition, thank you for your efforts! I ultimately lost to the esteemed Alex Heberling (check out her comic, Alex’s Guide), but not before votes dragged OP up past her mountain of supporters, only to be cast down in a 30-vote tumble on the last day. Threats were issued, troops were rallied, and in the end, my grand consolation prize was learning what a fantastic and devoted group of readers I have! (Special mention goes to Natasha, who set an hourly alarm to remind herself to vote. Wow!) Thank you, everyone!

A New Strip:
Friday’s installment of “The Proposal” went up late, past the time most decent folk were in bed. If today’s comic seems to be missing something, go back and read Friday’s episode to fill in the gap.

Back in 2011, I was interviewed by Kurt Sasso (and surprise co-host Trevor Kent!) for his TGT Webcomics (now TGT Media) podcast. (Here’s the link to that episode: number 150.) Kurt’s a kind host, and we had a good long conversation about Odori Park. Two years later, now it’s my turn to plug for Kurt:

Starting soon, Kurt will have an IndieGoGo campaign running to build funds for his new documentary, Little Person Among Media Giants.
Update: Here’s the link to Kurt’s IndieGoGo campaign page!
Here’s Kurt’s Facebook page about the project.

Kurt describes the film thusly:
“Everyone struggles for greatness. This is the journey of one person striving to get an interview which will make or break my career. I have interviewed many people, however, that one great interview has not happened and has been elusive…until Fan Expo:”

To make this extra cool (for me, at least), Kurt has asked me if I would consider some original artwork to be used as a funding incentive. I promise you, whoever walks away with that prize will not be underwhelmed. Overwhelmed, perhaps, but sufficiently whelmed, at least, to be sure. (Apparently, the IndieGoGo system limits the number of perks Kurt can list; my artwork is part of the deal, although it may not always appear on the campaign page as a reward. Not sure what that really means. I’ve never done one of these myself.)

Once the IndieGoGo page is live, I’ll post a link here for you to check it out!
Update: Here it is! Little Person Among Media Giants at IndieGoGo

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