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Bad Japanese words were among the first things I learned in that language (primarily a vulgar phrase which shall go unrepeated here). There’s some sort of fascination folks seem to have with foul language in foreign tongues–like knowing it gives you the secret key to getting away with something naughty. I, for example, can say “poop” in languages for which I know precious little useful vocabulary. (Granted, cursing in foreignese may be exceedingly useful if you’re a street-brawling sailor, or Yosemite Sam). My wife has, at times, exhibited an unhealthy interest in proper pronunciation and usage of English curses. (Could be she’s saving up for a future fall-down drag-out marital spat.) My friends (yes, I’m looking at you, Mark) have not helped matters much.

But the real kicker is that, to my experience, bad words in Japanese aren’t really all that bad. I would regularly hear phrases from my elementary school students (back when I was teaching English) that, if translated, would curl the hair of folks back home to hear from a mouth still attached to short pants, but my Japanese co-instructors wouldn’t bat an eye. And the kids learned a lot of it from pre-teen anime. In Japanese, it seems, it’s far worse to address someone using the incorrect politeness level than to discuss with them what comes out of a bull’s rear end.

Which, all in all, left me feeling cheated. I mean, I studied hard to learn that kuso!

Speaking of words good and bad, Odori Park got a few very nice words from the Digital Strips blog this week. Thanks for the kind mention!


In all the hullabaloo of the past month-and-change (see more about this next Tuesday!), I’ve fallen out of step with some of my favorite podcasts and sites. I was catching up a bit yesterday, listening while I drew, when I made a happy discovery:

The hosts of The Dish podcast, in their August 12th episode (#86), made reference to the 30 day challenge in which I had embroiled myself. They offered some kind comments about the art of the strip, and it was a real kick to hear them talk about me and Odori Park.

If you catch sight of this, Shane, Reed, and Modesty, thanks for spreading the word about the challenge, and for checking out the comic on-air!


The Comics Bento is a new Web “magazine” site that strives to be, in the words of Editor Adrean Clark, “the Utne Reader of webcomics,” pointing readers at comics the staff think are worthy of attention. I was pleased to have Odori Park tapped as one such worthy read, and OP will be featured this week on the site. Please click through to The Comics Bento and enjoy the features and reviews!

Just a heads-up for those interested in such things:
This Friday (10/30, Halloween Eve, as it were), I’ll be posting my 100th Odori Park strip!

I’m pretty psyched. Please do feel free to spread the word, if you’re so inclined! I’ll be very grateful.

I plan to celebrate by continuing to draw comics.
Also, short term, I may sleep.


This is it, folks: Friday’s strip is my 100th Odori Park comic! It’s also the finale of my Halloween 2009 Ring parody, so it’s doubly fun for me.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to extend a huge thanks to everyone who has come by to read Odori Park, everyone who has left a comment or sent an email, and everyone who has linked, Tweeted, Stumbled, or otherwise spread the word about my work.

Thank you!

Several sites around the Web ran blurbs of one size or another about my 100-strip milestone, and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you! So please have a click through to:

You guys rock!
(Edit: Missed one! Thanks, Beacon!)

The 2009 Webcomic Readers’ Choice Awards are in their voting phase, and readers–just like you–can cast your ballot for the best comics up until November 14th. If you enjoy Odori Park, please consider placing a vote for my comic in the Best New Comic, Art, Writing, and/or Site Design categories. There are lots of excellent comics on the ballots, so visiting to vote is worthwhile, too, for all the great new things you can discover.

Thanks in advance for clicking through!


I have heard, from a person with direct experience, that Tumblr is a good tool for generating additional awareness of your work, by setting up an account through which to run an RSS feed from your main site. I’m going to give it a go, so for anyone with a penchant for Tumbling, please check out Odori Park at:



A quick post to plug the great comic Woody After Hours, by Ben Carter and Paul Westover, which, on Monday, included a cameo appearance by yours truly (or, to be more precise, yours truly’s screenname). Reading disparaging YouTube comments attributed to my name is a wonderful change of pace from posting disparaging blog comments. :D Thanks, Ben & Paul!

I’m pleased to report that I’ll be ringing in the New Year in style, by copping someone else’s style. That is to say, I’ve created a guest strip for Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys “Guest Strippin’ Xmas” event, and it’ll appear at www.th3rdworld.com/web-comic/The-SuperFogeys on Jan. 1st!

I’ve been a fan of Brock’s comic–about retired superheroes and villains living together in a nursing home–for a while now, and couldn’t pass up the chance to draw his characters. (Thanks, Brock!) Please have a look on the 1st, and check out the other guest strips running in the event (click and scroll down for a schedule).

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