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On Monday, April 7th, I’ll be launching my Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of a brand new book: The Odori Park Omnibus, which will collect all five years of my comic strip in a handsome volume, suitable for giggling, chuckling, and possibly guffawing over. At least, that’s the intent. I’ll need some folks to pledge some money to the campaign, though, and in exchange, get a copy of the new book, and/or any of a number of other cool rewards you can pick.

The key to a successful Kickstarter run, as I understand it, is a nice big kick-off, so I want to spread the word about Monday’s launch as far and as wide as possible over the next couple days. If you’re a reader of Odori Park, and you know somebody else who would enjoy my brand of sincere, multi-cultural, geeky comedy, please spread the word about the campaign. I’ll have a link to post on Monday, but in the meantime, you can send them here, with my gratitude!

I plan on debuting the book—assuming all goes to plan with printing—at the Maine Comics Arts Festival on May 18th. If you’re planning to attend, and you back the Kickstarter, you may very well wind up being one of the first to get their hands on the Omnibus. And that would make me all kinds of happy—there’s very little I like better about Odori Park than thinking there are other people out there who enjoy it, too.

Thanks in advance, guys!

The Kickstarter to print The Odori Park Omnibus is now officially live!

I’m super psyched to see how this goes. I’ve never run a Kickstarter campaign before, and I have high (albeit realistic) hopes. I’m also anxious. With how much I want to see this book in the flesh (it’s going to be huge! Over 600 comics, and nearly 250 pages, by my count!), plus the Maine Comics Arts Festival just around the corner in May, where I hope to debut the book, it feels like I’ve got a good load of work and worrying ahead to occupy the rest of April.

So, without further ado, please check out the Kickstarter page for The Odori Park Omnibus and “pre-order” yourself a copy with a pledge! You can also grab some unique reward items including prints of the comic and special edition bookmarks, as well as commission me to create custom artwork (which I hardly ever do these days)!

And many many thanks in advance :)

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