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Today, Todd McElmurry announced Odori Park as the Pick of the Month over at the Webcomic Alliance. It was extremely flattering and uplifting to see my comic described from his perspective. Like a lot of cartoonists, I often feel like the work I do is put out there only in a narrow space without much outside light. It’s great to hear that others see and appreciate the comic.

Later this month, Todd will be posting an interview with me that he conducted, which was a lot of fun. Please check out the Webcomic Alliance site, and keep your eyes peeled for that interview in a couple weeks!

Earlier in the month, I mentioned that Odori Park had been selected as the Pick of the Month over at the Webcomic Alliance site. The initial “pick” isn’t the only part of being a Pick of the Month. Todd McElmurry, master of the Picks, has also done a brief interview with me, which I would love for you to pop over and read. Todd’s questions go into background and personal areas like influences, work setup, and who should play me in the movie of my life (which, in retrospect, seems like it ought to be animated). Please enjoy!

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