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My friend, Chuck Whelon, has just announced the release of two new books collecting material new and old from his long-running sword and sorcery “sit-com” comic, Pewfell (aka Pewfell Porfingles). Chuck crafts a very funny comic, and these guys are in full color, for that added oomph. More details at the Wizards of Ur blog.

Back in the spring of 2009, I told an old long-distance webcartooning buddy of mine, Chuck Whelon, about this new comic strip I was launching. I don’t stay in regular contact with Chuck, but when we connect, he always proves himself to be both a fantastic cartoonist and a stand up guy. This not being an exception, Chuck promptly blogged and PR-blasted the news about my nascent Odori Park, helping to pull in a lot of the site’s first readers.

I learned last week that Chuck has just released the newest print collection of his long-running sword-and-sorcery comedy strip, Pewfell, and I wanted to return just a bit of the old favor. The book’s available in both soft- and hardcover (swanky!), and you can order online here: http://t.co/QBUP1jBz. Please take a look!

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