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Several years ago, I caught sight of a previously (by me) unknown anime film called Blood: The Last Vampire. The artwork and premise–spooky vampire hunter masquerading as school girl hunts bloodsuckers on an American military base in post WWII Japan–looked fun, so I gave it a shot. About an hour later, I was sitting in front of the TV, saying, “Wait, where’s the rest of the movie?”

See, I thought Blood had a lot of fun potential that it failed to make good on, largely because of the overly short running time. Cue the point of the story: A couple days ago, I ran across an ad banner (see, somebody pays attention to them!) advertising a live action version of this story. Here’s the movie site link.

Now, I have no idea whether it’s any good, nor whether it’s even truly new (Japanese films can take several years before they appear, as “new releases,” on U.S. shores), but I thought it was worth throwing out there at you folks.

In a similar vein, one film I heard about when I was visiting Japan last year that I’m still keen to see is a live-action Ge Ge Ge No Kitarou film. Looks like it has a scene with a giant ghost skeleton in it! (How could you miss with that?!)

Anyone ever seen any of these flicks and have an opinion to share? Thumbs up? Down?

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