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A heads-up to Odori Park Omnibus watchers: I sent the book files off to the printer yesterday! I’ve been having some weird issues with visual artifacts in the PDFs I’ve output from InDesign, so I’ve asked the printer to have a look and let me know if they foresee any problems. And I’ve requested a physical proof. Always a physical proof. I sent out copies of the e-book to qualified backers on Monday, as well, although I’ll be releasing an update once I can conquer the PDF artifacts. I’ve also whipped up some snazzy new bookmarks which will go to Kickstarter backers, and which I’ll be bringing with me to Maine on Sunday, which is…


The Maine Comics Arts Festival is this weekend, on Sunday the 18th. I don’t do a lot of shows in a given year, so if you’re in New England this weekend, please consider stopping by. Here’s a link to the MeCAF site: mainecomicsfestival.com. Kazu Kibuishi, Ben Hatke, and other creators I admire will be there, so I’m going to have a hard time sitting still behind my table.

Because the Omnibus, unfortunately, won’t be back from the printer in time for Sunday, I’ll be bringing a dummy copy of the book to show off, along with coupons for an e-book download to share with folks who pre-order at the show. (And I’ll be waiving shipping for those folks–trying to make it a really good deal to buy the Omnibus at MeCAF! Tell your friends!)

Hope to see some of you guys there!

While I’m at it, I don’t believe I ever posted a peek at the Omnibus cover here, so, have a gander:


The folks at the Maine Comics Arts Festival have released their floor plan for the show, and I found myself! If you would also like to find me (not yourself, as you should generally know where you are at any given time), may I suggest this handy map? (Click it to enlarge.)

I should mention I just printed up a nice stack of Surreality, Inc. mini-comics that visitors can buy, in addition to the first Odori Park collection and, of course, pre-orders for the Odori Park Omnibus! Gonna be fun.


Recovering from the Maine Comics Arts Festival today. It was a good time! Pleasantly surprised by the number of kids there–including behind the tables. Some really talented young’uns out there! Also surprised by the number of sketches I wound up doing of Minecraft creatures. :)

The Odori Park Omnibus is at the printer as I type this, and they’re due to send me the proof today. Since I wouldn’t have the book or the proof at the show, I went to Staples, and whipped up an unbound mock-up of the book. It’s impressive how hefty 248 pages of comics at 9″x9″ really are (especially when they’re my own work)! :D Here’s a peek at the mock-up:

Now that MeCAF is out of the way, my next priorities are to get the Omnibus up for sale on the site, and to survey Kickstarter backers on their shipping addresses and other pertinent info. A big thanks to everyone who came by the table on Sunday, and to my table-pal John Forcucci, and our table neighbors, Chris and Corey.

(Did I mention I got to meet Kazu Kibuishi, Ben Hatke, Jimmy Gownley and Lincoln Pierce? ‘Cuz I did, and that was awesome. Great guest list at this show!)

I’ve been putting my con plans together for the year (a bit late, I know, but I’m still a bit convention gun-shy). I’m not planning on doing a ton, but shooting for at least two in 2015. Right now, I’m psyched for the Maine Comic Arts Festival in Portland, ME on May 17th (just about two weeks from now!), and I’m hoping to get into the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo in Boston on Oct. 17-18. I’d love to hear from any of you out there going to either of those, or anyone who has suggestions of any other good New England shows for an indie/webcomics guy to sell books and meet readers.

I’m going to try and have a new mini for MICE, and of course I’ll have the Omnibus for sale at both. With luck, I may have some at from my graphic novel to share, too (although I’m not rushing it) :)

The floorplan has been released for this Sunday’s Maine Comic Arts Festival. If you’re planning to be there, you can find me at table 61, in the far back corner diagonally opposite the main entrance. I’ll have books to sell and will be drawing sketches and sketch cards, so please stop by and see me!

It was a fun Sunday in Portland, Maine! Perfect weather, and the same great character-rich location as last year. I met some great cartoonists, including table neighbors and uber-artists Brian Moore (brianmooredraws.com) and Dani Jones (danijones.com), and I got to reconnect with an old friend from college days, Anne Thalheimer (www.etsy.com/shop/mymonsterhat). Plus, my buddy John Forcucci (johnforcucci.com) came along, and you couldn’t ask for a better drive-and-table mate. Got to catch up again with Peet Tamburino (heymailman.tumblr.com) and Jesse Lonnergan (jesselonergan.blogspot.com), too, which was awesome. I’m realizing my shout-outs are just turning into a long list of names–awesome names, but names nonetheless–so I’ll just say: Thanks, everyone!

The next big affair is MICE, out in October. Hopefully I’ll have some minis and maybe some graphic novel pages to show off by then!

Last week, I exhibited at MeCAF, up in Portland, Maine, with my buddy John Forcucci keeping me company, and I had an awesome time! This was the first year for MeCAF to be set up in the Portland Public Library, which from our vantage point, turned out to be really nice. We were set up in the Atrium, facing a great wall of windows looking out on downtown Portland. The foot traffic was super, with lots of families, kids, and comics fans!

This coming Saturday (June 11), I’ll be enjoying my first year at Kids Con New England, at the Holiday Inn in Concord, NH! I’ve taught many cartooning classes for kids, and have always tried to make my comics generally friendly for all ages, but this is my first time at a kids-focused event, and I’m looking forward to it. I have a couple new mini-comics, including one my 6-year old helped me create:


I’ve got one more new comic I’ve been working on which I am super psyched about, but that I don’t think will be ready for the Con. It’s a bummer, but I will make lemonade of lemons by using some of the pages to make fun activity pages for the kids who stop by! In the meantime, because it’s got me so excited, I thought I’d give a peek at some of the pages here (click the thumbnails to enlarge!):



Stay tuned! I’m going to keep on trucking on the new comic, and I still have my mysterious tanuki project to unveil at some point… :) In the meantime, please come out to New Hampshire for the Kids Con this Saturday!

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