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Given today’s holiday here in the U.S., I thought I’d take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has come by to read the comic and to everyone who has helped spread the word. I appreciate every click, every comment, every Tweet and linkback.

Doumo arigatou and Happy Thanksgiving!

First things first: It’s January 1st, so please go over to Brock Heasley’s The SuperFogeys to see the guest strip I created, featuring Captain Spectacular, Swifty, and Spy Gal! Let me say, seeing my artwork up on Brock’s site is an awesome way to start the new year. Thanks, Brock!

Also, I’m pleased to report I managed to squeak in under the wire and finished my illustration contribution to the Comic Creator’s Alliance. Hopefully, Lora at the CCA will post a preview of my piece in her news blog, but if not, that’s just one more reason to be sure you stop by the CCA site on January 11th (see my prior post about this for more info).

And, most of all, I want to say thank you all for reading in 2009–(ashamed to say I have a ton of comments I’m behind on responding to)–and I hope you’ll all stick around for what I have in store for 2010, the year of the tiger (no, not that Tiger, thank you). 2009 was an incredibly eventful year for the Watkins family. I’ve really had a blast launching Odori Park this past year, challenging myself, and meeting all sorts of wonderful people through the exercise. And, of course, there was the whole new baby thing. Here’s to an awesome 2010!

Valentine’s Day is a big giri event in Japan. As suggested in Monday’s comic, giri (as in “giri chocolate”) means roughly “obligation.” At its most mundane, the giri feeling rears its head in the plate of holiday cookies you give to the neighbor you hardly ever see, or the jar of macadamia nuts you bring back to the office from your trip to Hawaii, all because you don’t want to be that guy. The feeling of unspoken expectation is so integral to life in Japan that they make stage shows about it. Mobsters lose fingers over it. And somewhere, on Valentine’s Day, captains of the chocolate and gift industry twiddle their fingers and cackle insidiously.

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