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I wanted to give a shout out (note for score-keepers: first time I’ve ever used that phrase) to Robert, the “Spilled Ink Guy,” over at SpilledInkCartoons.com. Robert saw fit to honor Odori Park (or soil his comic, take your pick) by sneaking a cameo of Colin into his latest Sub Blot strip. The comic will stay on the home page until Monday, and then appear in the archives, I believe. And you should definitely take a walk through those archives! (”I shall out-chess you with my superior skills!”)

Thanks a heap, Spilled Ink Guy!

On March 13th, Odori Park will be officially one year old. That is to say, on March 13, 2009, I posted the first Odori Park strip on the Web. At the risk of solo horn tooting, I’m pretty proud of making it a full year without a missed update, and I’d like to do something to celebrate:

I’d like to take a nap.

Actually, there are three things I’d like to do:

  • Take said nap,
  • Spend some time with my ever patient and supportive wife, and
  • Rebuild some of my ailing comic buffer.

To accomplish these tasks, I’d like to enlist your help. If you dig Odori Park, and you think you have a fun idea for a strip, would you please consider drawing it up and sending it along for me to post? Any guest strips I receive between now and March 13th will–barring any inappropriate naughtiness (I think this comic does a pretty good job of establishing its own boundaries, if you need guidance)–be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until I run out of guest strips. At which point, I will stop slacking off, reshackle myself to my drawing tablet, and give you more new comics.

You can email strips, in GIF, JPG, or PNG format at 900 pixels wide, to chris@odoripark.com

Let me know if you have questions, and thank you in advance! My family will thank you, too.

I’ve been unburying myself lately from some time absorbers, and finally getting back on top of reading my favorite comics and sites. I came across a handful of very kind mentions of Odori Park that I wanted to share:

Delos, proprietor of the webcomic news and review blog ArtPatient, gave OP a very favorable review in his What Did I Learn feature. I was really flattered by the attention Delos paid in diving into the inner workings of my comic. Thanks for taking the time, Delos. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the comic!

Also, way back in November, Tim Dempsey (of the family comedy webcomic My Life in the Trenches) gave OP a positive nod in his Everybody Else is Too Loud podcast. Thanks, Tim, and although we’ve chatted in the interim, here’s a belated welcome aboard!

Last but not least, I caught mention of OP in a recent episode of the fun Digital Strips podcast. Steve and Jason mentioned the possibility of a future OP review, which I’ll be excited to hear if it comes to pass, and in the meantime, guys, thanks for the link!

On a completely unrelated note, let me just remind everyone that, if you’re interested in putting together a guest strip to help me celebrate Odori Park’s first anniversary (and I’d love to post it!) please plan on sending it to me by 3/15 (a couple day extension there; I realized my actual anniversary of 3/13 falls inconveniently on a Saturday) :) Thanks in advance!

Today’s guest strip is the work of Remy Creecy, co-creator of the paranormal comedy Black Cats, at www.blackcatscomic.com. My plan is to post these anniversary guest comics in the order I’ve received them, but Remy astutely noted that the guest run starts close to the Japanese holiday of White Day, and created accordingly. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to post these right away. And yep, I said these, because Remy also overachieved and created two strips to mark the occasion. (The second of which I was lucky enough to see in progress on his Ustream feed.) Please enjoy, and come back for more of Remy’s work on Wednesday!

It occurs to me I haven’t announced the creators of the anniversary guest comics, nor when their work will be appearing. Please allow me to correct the oversight:

While I’m at it, I should mention one more thing: This whole idea to blind solicit and run guest strips came to me from Brock Heasley’s Superfogeys “Guest Strippin’ Christmas.” Hope you don’t me appropriating the idea, Brock!

Remy Creecy of Black Cats once again graces the halls here with the second part of his guest strip extravaganza. My wife and I both laughed out loud at this one, and you know it’s good if it has the bridal seal of approval. Remy, for the uninitiated, co-creates Black Cats with W.T. Echard. The latest story arc involves zombies putting on a stage production of the Pirates of Penzance. That alone should compel you to check it out.

More guest comics on Friday!

The mysterious and powerfully named Bearman, creator of the politics-and-pop culture satire comics over at Beartoons (www.beartoons.com), is the gracious contributor of today’s guest strip. Being a long time visitor to Odori Park–posting comments since early on (thanks for hanging around!)–Bearman felt entirely comfortable making a fart joke in light of my own foray into that dark abyss. I doff my cap to you, sir. But I’m never accepting a ride from you…

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