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I’ve generally been trying to make insightful and witty blog posts twice weekly, sandwiched (or Big Mac-ed, which is more metaphorically appropriate) between my M/W/F comic posts. I missed yesterday, but I have two tidbits today to make up for it:

Item the first: Gary Tyrell at Fleen.com has provided a thoughtful and flattering reviewlette at his site today. Thank you! Please check it out if you’re not already a Fleen reader. (Having invoked the name of Mr. T, will T. Campbell, the A-Team, or Mrs. T show up in his comments thread?)

Item the second: I learned last Friday about Drawing Day from another nice site I frequent, ComixTalk.com. At the literal eleventh hour, I got an account at RateMyDrawings.com and whipped up a quick one-panel cartoon. Please enjoy. (Dig that funky drawing replay!)

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