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Super-sized goodness in the guest comic today, from Aidan Casserly, creator of the dark comedy webcomic Scapula, about the trials of a deviant but largely ineffectual supervillain. The dark comedy vibe runs pretty strongly through his take on Odori Park, too; in all the times I’ve drawn him, I’ve never been unsettled by Sprout the way I am upon seeing the last panel here… The details in this strip are great, from the Where’s Waldo of pop characters, to the photographed Scapula doll (”it’s an action figure!”), I am thoroughly impressed! Thanks, Aidan!

I’ve appreciated all of the guest strips I’ve received for this event, but I’d be lying if I said today’s strip, in particular, doesn’t have a special importance to me. I’ve known Al Dorantes (currently posting tales at blackangustales.blogspot.com) and Tony Esteves (creator of the long-running www.cigarro.ca) since my first forays into putting comics under peoples’ noses. They’re good friends, and we’ve enjoyed each others’ company, conversation, and comics, for many years now. This, however, is our first collaboration.

And, even more fun, Al and Tony–although friends of mine–had never encountered each other until this effort. Al, being a comics writer, posted on my Facebook account that he’d be glad to write a strip, to which Tony replied, unsolicited, that he’d be glad to draw it. This is a chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter scenario of the best kind.

Plus, the comic is hilarious. (Check out those links for more of Al’s and Tony’s work. You won’t be disappointed.)

Thanks, guys :) I owe you both!

Today’s guest strip has been provided by the very talented Adriana Blake, who creates the funny and sweet (fweet? swunny?) newlywed webcomic Fall On Me. I’m a big fan of Adriana’s cartooning–I love the way she uses her lively but deliberate lines and carves her characters’ expressions–not to mention the sensibility our strips often have in common. Back in February, I whipped up a piece to help Adriana celebrate Fall On Me’s first anniversary, so I was really pleased when she decided to help me do the same. Thanks, Adriana!

(Did I mention, by the way, how impressed I was by the written Japanese in this strip? Or the tiny Totoro cameo? :) )

Just so everyone knows, I’m not feet-up eating cheez puffs in front of the TV during the “Guest-a-versary.” Here’s a tidbit of one of the strips I’ve whipped up to refill the comic hopper. (Click to bigify.)

The story behind today’s guest comic: About a month or so ago, I came across a new (to me; over half a year old to the Web at large) webcomic by Tony Colley, called Monsterhood (at monsterhood.com), chronicling daily the adventures of a young boy who runs away to live in a town populated solely by monsters. Even the premise is cool, right? I loved everything from that concept, to the artwork (dig that confident and lively linework!), to the gags. After devouring the archives (see, that’s a monster joke there…), I sent Tony a short fan note to show my appreciation for his work. Imagine my surprise a few weeks later when he sends over an Odori Park guest strip!

I remain completely tickled pink, Tony. (Are there any pink beasties in the Monsterhood?)
Thank you!

You had me at “hubupup.”

Tim Dempsey, creator of both today’s guest strip, and the true-to-life family comedy My Life in the Trenches (at mylifeinthetrenches.com), struck a definite nerve in me with this strip. Being the father of two young boys, I’ve finally found up what “they grow up so fast” really means. The idea of my little Sprout suddenly sprouting into teenagerhood is a very real nightmare for me :)

Also, I am forever wishing I could take a long nap.
You got me twice, Tim.

Speaking of nightmares, here’s one of the latest Trenches comics. Good timing, that.

And while you’re at it, check out some of the many other projects in which Tim’s involved, via his blog at: http://dempseystudio.blogspot.com/

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