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Today’s guest strip is the work of Remy Creecy, co-creator of the paranormal comedy Black Cats, at www.blackcatscomic.com. My plan is to post these anniversary guest comics in the order I’ve received them, but Remy astutely noted that the guest run starts close to the Japanese holiday of White Day, and created accordingly. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to post these right away. And yep, I said these, because Remy also overachieved and created two strips to mark the occasion. (The second of which I was lucky enough to see in progress on his Ustream feed.) Please enjoy, and come back for more of Remy’s work on Wednesday!

It occurs to me I haven’t announced the creators of the anniversary guest comics, nor when their work will be appearing. Please allow me to correct the oversight:

While I’m at it, I should mention one more thing: This whole idea to blind solicit and run guest strips came to me from Brock Heasley’s Superfogeys “Guest Strippin’ Christmas.” Hope you don’t me appropriating the idea, Brock!

Remy Creecy of Black Cats once again graces the halls here with the second part of his guest strip extravaganza. My wife and I both laughed out loud at this one, and you know it’s good if it has the bridal seal of approval. Remy, for the uninitiated, co-creates Black Cats with W.T. Echard. The latest story arc involves zombies putting on a stage production of the Pirates of Penzance. That alone should compel you to check it out.

More guest comics on Friday!

The mysterious and powerfully named Bearman, creator of the politics-and-pop culture satire comics over at Beartoons (www.beartoons.com), is the gracious contributor of today’s guest strip. Being a long time visitor to Odori Park–posting comments since early on (thanks for hanging around!)–Bearman felt entirely comfortable making a fart joke in light of my own foray into that dark abyss. I doff my cap to you, sir. But I’m never accepting a ride from you…

Today’s guest comic is provided by Robert Matejcek, creator of not one, but two comics that run regularly at his site Spilled Ink Cartoons (www.spilledinkcartoons.com). Sub Blot chronicles Robert’s semi-autobiographical hijinks, while Spilled Ink is a funny Far Side-ian gag panel.

Robert’s another long time OP supporter, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing many a comment back and forth with him over the past year. This isn’t, by the way, the first time Colin has shown up in the Spilled Inkiverse. Way back in October, Robert had Colin making a surprise appearance, along with a host of other webcomic characters.

Thanks for another round, Robert!

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