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Just wanted to share a special treat I found in my in-box last week: Aidan Casserly, of the super-villainous webcomic Scapula, created a fun and much-appreciated illustration of the Eastons as gibbering gibbons! (A play on the conversation spawned by the Jan. 6th strip.)

Aidan: Ook ook eek ack ah ah ah!!

Aidan Casserly - Odori Gibbons

On Monday morning, I opened my email inbox to discover a surprise sent from Aidan Casserly, creator of the villainously funny (see how I worked that in there?) webcomic Scapula (www.aidancasserly.com/SCAPULA). Aidan took my strip about Sprout’s storytelling from last week and ran it through his colorizotronemeter, filling it with lush vibrant color, dino skin patterns and all! This is too awesome not to share, so without further ado, please enjoy (click the image to see it bigger):

Thanks a million, Aidan!

Odori Park on Woody After Hours, part 1
By an interesting confluence of happenstance, I and Odori Park are all over the Web today. Covering the bases:

  • Colin & Arisa have been invited to “appear” on Woody After Hours, the webcomic late-night talk show by Ben Carter and Paul Westover, to teach Woody rude Japanese phrases! I started talking with Paul & Ben about the idea a couple months ago, and it’s all kinds of fun to see our characters finally interacting. Check out the first strip of the storyline here:
  • Tony Esteves, creator of Legendary Woodsman, surprised me earlier this week to ask if I wouldn’t mind him drawing up one of my characters for his “Fan Fun Friday” feature (to which I, naturally, said heck, yeah). Little did I expect… Super Sentai Colin!
  • This past weekend, I joined a trek to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where I ran into some webcomicking friends, like Paul Westover and Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not. A fun surprise was seeing Adriana Blake of Fall On Me behind a booth. We took a photo to commemorate. (And next show I attend, I’m going to read the guest list more carefully.) :)

So, yesterday, Trevor over at TakaComics.com tweeted that he had me on a list of intended fan-art recipients. That, alone, was pretty cool, but then, today, I log in to find a piece of awesome Halloween-spirited artwork, featuring the whole Easton clan in Japanese monster costumes! (Click the thumbnail image to take a closer look.) Make sure you check out TakaComics.com for Trevor’s Power Ranger/Super Sentai -inspired adventure comic, Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps. Trevor, this is the bee’s knees! Thank you!

While I’m on the topic of Halloween treats, I thought I should mention that there are only a few days left to take advantage of my October book offer. To recap: Order a copy of Odori Park: East Marries West before November 1st, and I’ll throw in a hand-drawn sketch card featuring an original illustration of someone from the Odori Park-iverse engaged in Halloween revelry. You can order straight from the Store page. I’m looking forward to sending out some more of these spooky sketches before the month is over!

Oh, and… boo!

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