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Odori Park on Woody After Hours, part 1
By an interesting confluence of happenstance, I and Odori Park are all over the Web today. Covering the bases:

  • Colin & Arisa have been invited to “appear” on Woody After Hours, the webcomic late-night talk show by Ben Carter and Paul Westover, to teach Woody rude Japanese phrases! I started talking with Paul & Ben about the idea a couple months ago, and it’s all kinds of fun to see our characters finally interacting. Check out the first strip of the storyline here:
  • Tony Esteves, creator of Legendary Woodsman, surprised me earlier this week to ask if I wouldn’t mind him drawing up one of my characters for his “Fan Fun Friday” feature (to which I, naturally, said heck, yeah). Little did I expect… Super Sentai Colin!
  • This past weekend, I joined a trek to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where I ran into some webcomicking friends, like Paul Westover and Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not. A fun surprise was seeing Adriana Blake of Fall On Me behind a booth. We took a photo to commemorate. (And next show I attend, I’m going to read the guest list more carefully.) :)

I’m kicking the dust off again to do another local con! Well, con-like event. This time, it’s AniBash 2011, happening this Sunday, August 7th, from 10am into the evening, at the Longhouse Shelter in Seneca Park. I’ve never been to AniBash before, nor have I ever seen a combination anime con/picnic, so this promises to be a new experience. As I understand it, admission is free, and the weather should be warm, if not entirely dry (let’s keep our fingers crossed). Several local webcartoonists and friends will be there (here’s the guest list). Please come out, enjoy the warmth (throw an umbrella in the trunk, just in case), see (or wear) the costumes, play some video games in the great outdoors, get a sketch from me and check out some other great local artists!

So, coming up this Sunday, the 16th, Pulp Nouveau Comix is hosting the third annual Canandaigua Comic Con, at the Inn on the Lake (770 South Main St.), in Canandaigua, NY (my home town!), just a bit south of Rochester.

I’ll be in attendance–I’ve been looking forward to this all year–with books for sale, sketches to draw, and awkward cartoonist grins to dole out. Mike at Pulp Nouveau knows how to do a small con right! Each of the past two years, the show has been well-attended, and well-populated by plenty of comics folk, writers, and artists (so it’s not just table upon table of long-boxed back issues and bootlegged videos). I don’t do a lot of shows–this is only my second in 2011–so please come by! CanCon runs from 11am to 5pm. More info at the CanCon facebook page.

A heads-up to Odori Park Omnibus watchers: I sent the book files off to the printer yesterday! I’ve been having some weird issues with visual artifacts in the PDFs I’ve output from InDesign, so I’ve asked the printer to have a look and let me know if they foresee any problems. And I’ve requested a physical proof. Always a physical proof. I sent out copies of the e-book to qualified backers on Monday, as well, although I’ll be releasing an update once I can conquer the PDF artifacts. I’ve also whipped up some snazzy new bookmarks which will go to Kickstarter backers, and which I’ll be bringing with me to Maine on Sunday, which is…


The Maine Comics Arts Festival is this weekend, on Sunday the 18th. I don’t do a lot of shows in a given year, so if you’re in New England this weekend, please consider stopping by. Here’s a link to the MeCAF site: mainecomicsfestival.com. Kazu Kibuishi, Ben Hatke, and other creators I admire will be there, so I’m going to have a hard time sitting still behind my table.

Because the Omnibus, unfortunately, won’t be back from the printer in time for Sunday, I’ll be bringing a dummy copy of the book to show off, along with coupons for an e-book download to share with folks who pre-order at the show. (And I’ll be waiving shipping for those folks–trying to make it a really good deal to buy the Omnibus at MeCAF! Tell your friends!)

Hope to see some of you guys there!

While I’m at it, I don’t believe I ever posted a peek at the Omnibus cover here, so, have a gander:


The folks at the Maine Comics Arts Festival have released their floor plan for the show, and I found myself! If you would also like to find me (not yourself, as you should generally know where you are at any given time), may I suggest this handy map? (Click it to enlarge.)

I should mention I just printed up a nice stack of Surreality, Inc. mini-comics that visitors can buy, in addition to the first Odori Park collection and, of course, pre-orders for the Odori Park Omnibus! Gonna be fun.


Recovering from the Maine Comics Arts Festival today. It was a good time! Pleasantly surprised by the number of kids there–including behind the tables. Some really talented young’uns out there! Also surprised by the number of sketches I wound up doing of Minecraft creatures. :)

The Odori Park Omnibus is at the printer as I type this, and they’re due to send me the proof today. Since I wouldn’t have the book or the proof at the show, I went to Staples, and whipped up an unbound mock-up of the book. It’s impressive how hefty 248 pages of comics at 9″x9″ really are (especially when they’re my own work)! :D Here’s a peek at the mock-up:

Now that MeCAF is out of the way, my next priorities are to get the Omnibus up for sale on the site, and to survey Kickstarter backers on their shipping addresses and other pertinent info. A big thanks to everyone who came by the table on Sunday, and to my table-pal John Forcucci, and our table neighbors, Chris and Corey.

(Did I mention I got to meet Kazu Kibuishi, Ben Hatke, Jimmy Gownley and Lincoln Pierce? ‘Cuz I did, and that was awesome. Great guest list at this show!)

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