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UPDATE: I recorded my interview with the guys at Comics Coast to Coast, mentioned below, last night, and it was a blast. The episode–number 107–will be posted at comicscoasttocoast.com on Monday, Nov. 1st. Please check it out and share your comments!


I’m very excited to let you all know that I’m on the docket to be interviewed by the guys at Comics Coast to Coast, one of the Web’s premier comics podcasts. Brian, Jason and John at CCC have interviewed luminaries like Scott Kurtz, Stephan Pastis, Mark Tatulli, Brock Heasley, Amy Lago, and on, and on… And now they’ve seen fit to sully their good name by including me. Excellent.

I’ll post again soon with info about when to listen in. (Of course, you should go now and listen to archived episodes, anyway, right?)

Also, while I’m on the topic of podcasts, I should throw out two belated thank yous:

  • Thanks, again, to the CCC crew for naming Odori Park their Webcomic Pick of the Week back in August! Listen here.
  • Thanks, also, to Kurt Sasso, host of the TGT Webcomics podcast, and his guest, SuperFogeys creator Brock Heasley, for mentioning me in their chat about upcoming SuperFogeys Origins storylines! Listen here.

The guys at the Comics Coast to Coast podcast have posted Episode 107: The Chris Watkins Interview. Please click through and have a listen as I wax philosophical on the intercultural complexities of Japanese and American relations, the inner workings of digital art making, and cutting heads off things. Also featured: How I met my wife, why family is comedy gold, the dangers of Facebook, and what a “Hamfighter” is. Good stuff all around!

Thanks, Brian & Justin!

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