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My three-year old son invents superheroes. The latest creation: “Lightsky is a superhero. His power is… DAMAGING.”

A friend notes: “My youngest son has that power!”

This is a very versatile power.


This comic from Uncubed does a very good job of summing up my own feelings as a father. (Maybe with a bit more physical punishment–by my son inflicted upon me–but otherwise spot on.)


Although I’ve learned many Japanese children’s songs, I’ve only heard a relative few komori uta (lullabies, or, literally, “nursemaid songs”). My favorite by far is the subject of Monday’s strip. I’ve taken a pass at translating it, but it definitely should be heard sung. (There’s a nice CD, Oyasumi, by Aiko Shimada and Elizabeth Falconer, that has a pretty, though stylized, version of the song; you can find it at Amazon and iTunes if you want to listen to the track sample.)

My wife used to sing the Ocean Lullaby (Umi, in Japanese) to our son when he was still in the womb. She taught me the words, and I’ve found it still has a calming effect on him nearly four years post-utero. (For some strange reason, so does Seventy-Six Trombones…)

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