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Lora Innes, creator of the comic The Dreamer, has launched a project with a worthy cause–collecting money to combat human trafficking–and has gathered a small army of webcomickers, under the banner of The Comic Creator’s Alliance, to support the effort, including yours truly. The project itself involves the creation of a massive collage illustration featuring women characters from all the participating artists. The illustration will be made available as a desktop wallpaper to those who donate money to the cause. The donation drive kicks off on January 11th, which is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the U.S.

Lora has included a news blog on the site, in which she’s been posting previews of the great artwork as it comes in. Please check out the site for details, and circle January 11th on your calendar to make a donation (and get your wallpaper!)

Thank you!

While still in the looming shadow of the approaching New Year, I blogged about an initiative launched by Lora Innes, of The Dreamer, to rally the forces of webcomicdom into a project to incite folks to donate to a worthy cause. The cause in question: The struggle to raise awareness, and help put an end to, human trafficking. The project: A massive wallpaper illustration of nearly a hundred female characters from across the webcomicverse.

Being that January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Lora has chosen today to launch the actual donation drive. The wallpaper is ready, and looks awesome. The donations button–which will net you the wallpaper, natch–is right on the front page of the CCA website: http://comicalliance.weebly.com

As a side note of interest: I recently learned, courtesy of an NPR piece, that human trafficking is one (maybe the top?) of the Yakuza’s chief illicit money makers these days. I thought back to my time living in Japan. There was a section of the town where I lived (not a bustling metropolis, by any means) that looked like it could have been pulled straight out of a Webster’s dictionary entry for “red light district.” Even in my own apartment building, there was a floor known to be populated solely by low-level Yakuza (“chinpira”) and a bevvy of their Filipino bar “hostesses.” In retrospect, I wonder whether any–and how many–of the women in that neighborhood, and in my own apartment, we somehow forced to work in the “water trade.” Food for thought.

Okay, so, go check out the site, and get that wallpaper! (See if you can identify all the characters.)


The Comic Creator’s Alliance donation drive, fighting human trafficking with webcomics, ends Sunday. Throw in a couple bucks & get a keen wallpaper if you haven’t already! Visit comicalliance.weebly.com.

Each year since I’ve started Odori Park, round about this time of year, I’ve participated in the special webcomic charity to fight human trafficking run by Lora Innes and Crystal Yates. This year, I’m psyched to be participating again, and although the name has changed–to Comic Creators for Freedom–the mission remains the same: webcomickers around the Web create a fun joint work of art that’s available for download in exchange for a donation that goes to organizations that are working to stop modern slavery.

The donation drive will run from January 9th-20th, but cartoonists and artists can get involved right now by signing up to contribute a bit of character art to the collective illustration. Please visit the CCF site for details and to get on the list!

Just an end-of-year post to give a preview of my artwork for the Comic Creators for Freedom massive webcomic wallpaper/collage. See if you can figure out the theme from what Arisa is up to here… And make sure you check out the CCF website immediately if you’re an artist who’d like to participate (deadline’s tomorrow!) and shortly after the new year if you’re a kindly soul who’d like to donate to the cause (and get your hands on the wallpaper; donation drive starts Jan. 9th).

Today is the launch of the Comic Creators for Freedom donation drive to help combat human trafficking. As I’ve done for the past two years, I participated this year–as did a number of other artists and comickers–to draw attention to the issue, and the drive, and to put together a really fun piece of collaborative artwork. That art, depicting a massive crossover snowball battle between the female characters of a heap of great comics, can be downloaded as a special wallpaper in exchange for a donation on the CCF site. There are more details to share, but Lora Innes, one of the gurus in charge of the whole affair, says it best here:


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Wednesday, January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. To participate, we formed the Comic Creators for Freedom– a group of over 100 comic book creators who volunteered our artistic talents to raise money and awareness for this cause. You may not know it, but there are currently 27 million enslaved people worldwide- more than double the number of enslaved Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children every year are sold into slavery, most of it sexual. The US Department of Justice estimates 16,000 victims of human trafficking are brought into the United States every year. Unlike slavery in the past, what is happening today is happening in secret. It won’t end until awareness is raised, and people like you and me take a stand.

So here’s what we did: each creator contributed an original drawing of one of our own female characters, and combined them into a single wallpaper image! The wallpaper features characters from all over the web, including Girls with Slingshots, The Dreamland Chronicles, Kukuburi, Earthsong Saga, Looking for Group, Love and Capes, The Dreamer, and tons more! Donate today to download this unique, once-in-a-lifetime wallpaper.

The Donations Drive will last for two weeks, from Monday January 9th – 20th. All proceeds will be split evenly between Love 146 and Gracehaven House- two organizations working on rehabilitation of victims and prevention of this crime.
To learn more about the CCA visit www.comiccreatorsforfreedom. To learn more about the problem, visit http://love146.org/slavery. (Note: contains adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery.)


So, there you have it. Please go donate. Here’s a peek at the wallpaper to tickle your interests (go on, click it):

True to form, I’m a bit slow on these notices, but there’s still a little time left for both, so please consider participating in the following:

My buddy Tony Esteves, creator of the much fun Legendary Woodsman, is offering a print of a special Bean and Bobert comic strip to support the charity Steps for Life. Sales of the print go to the charity, which supports and advocates for victims of workplace tragedy. Having worked in an office that was once evacuated under threat of a gunman on-site, not to mention just understanding the importance of keeping your day job from burning you out, I can certainly get behind this drive. In addition, Tony will be walking in the Steps for Life walk event tomorrow, Saturday, May 5th, and is also taking traditional donations for that. If you’d like to help him, please make your purchases or donations soon! (click here)

Second order of business: Last week (I think… time evades me…) I learned that Spike from Julie’s Gems is running a raffle leading up to World Book Night 2012. If you pop over to his site here, you can get the email address to make your entry, which puts you in the running for a copy of Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (!), as well as a copy of The Time-Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. The deadline for entries is this Sunday, May 6th, so get on the stick if you like free good books!


From 2009 through 2011, I participated in the Comic Creators for Freedom drive to combat human trafficking, which gathered donations in payment for a special wallpaper illustration created together by over a hundred cartoonists and artists. The drive was quiet last year, but they’ve brought it back around this year, and I’ll be participating again.

As you may have guessed from the picture to the right, the theme this year is “Awkward School Photos.” Does this guy look at all familiar? I’ve drawn Arisa in past years’ projects, but they’ve opened it up to male characters this year, so I’m giving Colin his time to shine (?) Thought I’d share an early pencil sketch before finishing the final artwork.

The donation drive itself will kick off on December 2 (International Abolition Day) at www.comiccreatorsforfreedom.com. The drive will run through Friday, December 14th, so you’ll have nearly two weeks to support Love 146–a charity that works to end and care for the victims of child enslavement and abuse.

Keep an eye out for updates! In the meantime, take some time to appreciate that your childhood school photos aren’t on the Internet. (Or are they?)

Starting today, Dec. 2–selected because it’s Internal Abolition Day–and running through the 14th, you can make a donation to Love146 and, in return, get a downloadable wallpaper created by 167 comic artists from around the Web. Love146 is an organization dedicated to stopping the spread, and caring for the victims, of human trafficking. Please click here to donate at the Love146 site, and click here to learn more about Comic Creators for Freedom, the organization run by Lora Innes and Crystal Yates to put this effort together.

Once you have the wallpaper, you can play Spot the Mullet. (Did I mention “awkward school photos” is the theme?) Here’s a scorecard:
5 points for every mullet
2 points for every hideous sweater
1 point for every fluffed-up hairdo
1 point for every pair of nerd glasses

Enjoy ;) and thank you!

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