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I’ve mentioned a few times in my talk of plans for 2013 a new kid-friendly graphic novel. In just the first week or so since I got my new creative year rolling, I’ve been able to cobble the various notes I took over 2012 into a complete outline for the book. Very exciting! Now I’ll polish it up a bit and dig into writing the actual script. My plan is to start putting stylus or brush pen to page for some actual comics drawing in late February.

I promised to share some development tidbits as I work along, so here’s the first of the sneak peeks I can offer: a set of character development sketches. Really studies and character design ideas wrapped into one. I’m trying to find a fun and loose way of drawing for this book, but, given that the characters are animals, I also want to give them a sense of real life. It’s tricky!

Here are some more character and exploratory sketches for my new kids graphic novel. I’m all over the place stylistically on this one. I have a hazy vision in my head of how it will look, but it’s taking its sweet old time to solidify for me on the page.

Enjoy the peek!

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