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If you’ve seen the last couple posts I made about the kid-friendly graphic novel I’m working on, you’ve probably gotten the entirely accurate sense that I’ve been having trouble nailing down my character designs, and the overall art style they’ll live in. I think things finally clicked tonight, and if I’m not done done with these guys, I’m at least done enough to push forward. For the curious, here’s a peek

One of the main characters in the kids graphic novel I’m working on is a tanuki, and his character design has taken some time and trouble to work out. Unlike some of the other animal characters I’ve shared in previous posts, I’m not planning my tanuki to move like an animal, but rather to spend most of his time on two legs, like his folklore cousins. Had a minor mental breakthrough when I doodled Yoda. (Anybody recognize anyone else in the doodles, too?) Thought I’d share some of these sketches! Enjoy (click to enlarge):

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