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Between 2000 and 2005, I actively ran a comic anthology site called BorderWalker, which focused on fantasy adventure serials, and branched off into a few other genres, as well. I often refer to this as my “past life” in webcomics. It’s where I cut my teeth creatively and as an entrepreneur.

Through BW, I posted the odd one-off short comic here and there, and two regular series: Legacy Dawning–an epic fantasy that was intended to bend some genre lines as it carried forward–and Electric Spirit–a sci-fi comedy told in an interactive format that allowed it to teach Japanese. I wound up spending most of my time with BorderWalker, though, acting as publisher for the comics and articles of some other really wonderful creators, like Jack Pendleton, Craig Schaffer, Ray Kim, Neal VonFlue, and Peter Delgado Jr. That, plus editing pieces, writing articles and news posts, and coming up with marketing ideas left me with very little time for actual comic-making. In the end, the lack of focus was a big part of what put BorderWalker into the cooler of indefinite hiatuses.

I have future plans for BorderWalker, and the ideas I explored under its banner, but for now, they have to stay back-burnered while I focus elsewhere. Up ’til now, I’d been content to leave the site to its own devices, letting folks who stumble across it enjoy the archives there. But earlier this month I received the inevitable email from BW’s web host who wanted to know, in essence, how the heck it got on their server.

See, when BW went online, its hosting was provided free of charge via the kindness of my then boss at the start-up Internet company where I worked. That was in 2000. Over time, his company grew, I left, they grew some more, and eventually, the hosting business was sold. And through it all–for over a decade–BW got a free ride. I knew it was only a matter of time before the files changed enough hands that real cash money would be requested to keep it live. Rather than pay hosting fees on a site that’s on hiatus, then, I’ve decided to finally pull BorderWalker from the web–for now, and in its current incarnation, at least.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to let you guys see some of that old work. A walk down memory lane. Bear in mind, though, that I consider most of this stuff to be pretty…rough around the edges. So enjoy the peek at the past–and feel free to ruminate on what I might do with it in the future–but please be gentle with me ;)

Click here for the BorderWalker archive hub.

I’m happy to say my new comic, BorderWalker made it through the Submission round of the Webtoons contest! Which is to say, I had three episodes uploaded by the deadline :) Now the real hard part has started: I need to collect Votes, Ratings, and Subscriptions (I think).

See, the top twenty vote-getters will move on to the final stage of judge-based selection. To get there, I need a lot of folks to vote for my comic, and to come back and vote every day. The order the comics appear on the contest page seems to be related primarily to a nebulous Popularity score, which I’m guessing is based on a combination of Rating and number of Subscribers.

So, long story short: If you like my new series, and you’d like to see more, please pop over to Webtoons.com, log in with Facebook, Twitter, or a Line account, and throw a Vote, a positive Rating, and a Subscription my way! I’m going to try to post regularly during the Voting phase with previews of pages to come.

And please share the comic, too! The more folks who read it, the better–and it’s people enjoying my comics that I’m really after through all this. :) Thank you!

With that in mind, here’s a look at a little art from the next episode (click to enlarge):

Here’s my huge thank you to everyone who voted for, shared, rated, and subscribed to my new comic, BorderWalker, in the Superhero Comics Contest over at Webtoons.com. The voting period ended a couple days ago, and unfortunately, my comic didn’t have enough votes to make it into the top twenty. There are some pretty cool comics in the top twenty, and over the next couple weeks, the powers that be will select the grand prize winner and three runners-up. I’m disappointed I don’t have a shot at a piece of that pie, but I can’t be too disappointed, because I was able to realize the beginnings of a new story, and I drew a huge amount of new work.

When the contest came along, I back-burnered two specific kids comics projects to make time for it. Although I’d love to carry on with BorderWalker, I also want to get back to these projects I put on hold. I’m planning to be at Kids Con New England in June, so I need to focus on that work for now! If you checked out my new comic and enjoyed it, please stay tuned–I’ll bring BorderWalker back to life at some point in the future.

For now, I have tomatoes and tanuki to draw… ;)

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