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My friend, Chuck Whelon, has just announced the release of two new books collecting material new and old from his long-running sword and sorcery “sit-com” comic, Pewfell (aka Pewfell Porfingles). Chuck crafts a very funny comic, and these guys are in full color, for that added oomph. More details at the Wizards of Ur blog.

It’s been quiet on the blog front for the past few weeks, and although the reasons are several, here’s a pertinent one: I have a number of guest projects in the works–my run on SuperFogey’s Origins, for Brock Heasley, is currently nearing its conclusion, and I have other fun irons (some of them, unfortunately, overdue) in that fire, about which I hope to elaborate soon. You’ve seen the results of my overtaxed plate in the form of comics that post later in the day than is normal for me.

On top of the guest projects, I have also been talking for quite some time now about putting prints of the comic strips up for sale, and about getting an Odori Park book together. I hate how long those projects have languished on the back burner!

In the interest, then, of giving these projects a chance to see the light of day–and for you to enjoy them–and in the interest of sleeping more than three hours a night, I have a plan: Starting this week, and through the middle of April, I’ll be reducing Odori Park comic strip updates to twice a week. (I’ll still aim to make posts on Wednesdays, but rather than comics, they’ll be blog posts with sketches, photos, or sneak peeks at these special projects.) Then, starting in the week of April 18th, I’m going to give you a chance to read something different from me–a comic strip submitted to the newspaper syndicates back in 2008 that few people have ever seen. That strip–Surreality, Inc.–will run three days a week for about a month while I attempt to kick book production into overdrive.

Thanks for sticking around! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy seeing the extra comics and materials I’ll be able to share in the next couple months!

Surreality, Inc.Now that Odori Park proper is back and running, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction my Surreality, Inc. strips seemed to get. Thanks for reading it, and for all the kind words that you sent my way. It might be the sort of concept that’s tailor-made for life on the Web.

A few of you made specific requests that I keep it around in some fashion. I’m not sure how to juggle that and OP, but I’m considering options. At the very least, I may release a small book collecting all the S.I. strips that ran here, as well as several that you haven’t seen. If you’d be interested in a book like that, I’d be keen to hear about it! Thanks, all!

The first Odori Park book, Odori Park: East Marries West, is now available for preorder! Please visit the new Store page to place a preorder. The books should be shipping out at the end of the month. Here’s the skinny:

Odori Park: East Marries West is the first print collection of the Odori Park webcomic experience. Inside you’ll find:

  • 96 pages of Odori Park goodness!
  • A forward by Brock Heasley of The SuperFogeys!
  • The first Odori Park–a 24-page 24-hour comic!
  • A behind the scenes look at creating the comic!
  • The visual development of the Eastons!
  • A comic collaboration with my four year-old son!
  • Bonus artwork, sketches, and anecdotes!
  • Fewer exclamation points than seen in this list!

Artist Editions are also available, which feature hand drawn original artwork by yours truly, and can be made out to you or whomever you may want to give a really awesome* gift.
*(I have no market data to confirm that claim, but you can trust me.)

Go preorder a book! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

The last few days have been pretty busy ones. Teaching my 5 year-old son to play Magic: The Gathering, and eating half a moldy Pop-Tart aside, here are a few important things that happened:

Late last week I received word from the printer that the first copies of Odori Park: East Marries West will be shipping to me on the 17th! If you’ve preordered a copy (and it’s not too late, you know), I should be able to ship it out to you before the end of the month.

TGT Webcomics Tournament:
If you voted for Odori Park in round two of Kurt Sasso’s competition, thank you for your efforts! I ultimately lost to the esteemed Alex Heberling (check out her comic, Alex’s Guide), but not before votes dragged OP up past her mountain of supporters, only to be cast down in a 30-vote tumble on the last day. Threats were issued, troops were rallied, and in the end, my grand consolation prize was learning what a fantastic and devoted group of readers I have! (Special mention goes to Natasha, who set an hourly alarm to remind herself to vote. Wow!) Thank you, everyone!

A New Strip:
Friday’s installment of “The Proposal” went up late, past the time most decent folk were in bed. If today’s comic seems to be missing something, go back and read Friday’s episode to fill in the gap.

If you preordered a copy of the first Odori Park book, Odori Park: East Marries West, then you may be happy to know the first preorders–the regular editions–are in the mail, on their way to you now! Artist Editions will be shipping this weekend.

If you didn’t preorder (and, honestly, why not?), then you can rectify the problem by visiting the Store page and placing an order. Wouldn’t that make you feel a whole lot better? (It’d make me feel a whole lot better, anyway…) :)

I can’t show too much, because I want these to be a nice surprise for the people who have ordered them, but just to give a taste, here’s a little peek at some of the sketches I’ve drawn in the first batch of Artist Edition books! (Click the thumbnail to embiggenify.)

If you preordered an Artist Edition copy of Odori Park: East Marries West, then know that your book is going in the mail today–so be on the lookout!

If you live in the western New York area, there are now two good ol’ fashioned comic book shops you can visit to pick up a copy of Odori Park: East Marries West. The first collection of Odori Park strips is now on sale at Park Avenue Comics & Games, in Rochester (713 Park Ave., Rochester, NY, www.parkavenuecomics.com), and at Pulp Nouveau Comix in Canandaigua (92 South Main St., Canandaigua, NY, www.pulpnouveau.com). If you’re in the neighborhood, please visit either of these fine establishments, where you can buy my book and completely avoid those pesky shipping fees.

Of course, if you’re not a local (or if you have a special love for shipping fees), you can always buy a copy through my online store. Please do either, or both, and enjoy!

Leave it to me to not announce an October promotion until nearly halfway through the month. The most mysterious thing this Halloween may be how I manage to keep this comic going. (Insert winky face.)

So, over the summer, you may or may now know, I released this bookOdori Park: East Marries West is a collection of the first year of OP comic strips, plus gobs of additional material, including a flattering forward by Brock Heasley of SuperFogeys fame, artwork from around the Web, dips into my sketchbook, and a 24-hour comic that was a spiritual predecessor to the Odori Park of today.

Being that drawing gratuitous Halloween pictures is one of my favorite things to do this time of year, and that selling books is also something I love, I figured I’d mash the two together. With every book (regular edition or artist edition, either flavor) I sell through the end of October, I’ll include a free spooky sketch card, featuring some sort of ghoul or goblin, likely mutated from one of the characters in Odori Park. If you’d like a surprising bit of spirited artwork along with a copy of what I think is fair to call the year’s funniest comic strip collection about a Japanese-American couple, now’s the time to order! Just shuffle over to the Store page! And fang you very munch!

So, yesterday, Trevor over at TakaComics.com tweeted that he had me on a list of intended fan-art recipients. That, alone, was pretty cool, but then, today, I log in to find a piece of awesome Halloween-spirited artwork, featuring the whole Easton clan in Japanese monster costumes! (Click the thumbnail image to take a closer look.) Make sure you check out TakaComics.com for Trevor’s Power Ranger/Super Sentai -inspired adventure comic, Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps. Trevor, this is the bee’s knees! Thank you!

While I’m on the topic of Halloween treats, I thought I should mention that there are only a few days left to take advantage of my October book offer. To recap: Order a copy of Odori Park: East Marries West before November 1st, and I’ll throw in a hand-drawn sketch card featuring an original illustration of someone from the Odori Park-iverse engaged in Halloween revelry. You can order straight from the Store page. I’m looking forward to sending out some more of these spooky sketches before the month is over!

Oh, and… boo!

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