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Please be aware, the following plug is not directly related to my work (although it is related to my relation), comics (although my relation also makes comics), or Japan (although they have plugs in Japan, too):

My cousin, Ben Morey, is a member of The Instruments Band, a folk/acoustic quartet that crafts wonderfully twangy, quirky, catchy music with thoughtful lyrics and a good sense of fun. They were voted the best local band of 2007 by a local radio station that has fine taste, so you know I’m not just spewing hyperbole. Try their latest album, Make Good Choices. You’ll like it. It’s better than green eggs, ham, or any combination thereof.

The Instruments Band: Make Good Choices

If folks are interested, I can make a post next week about one of my favorite Japanese musical acts, as long as we’re on the subject. I do take requests…

Folksy musician Benjamin Jameson Morey (that is to say, my cousin; watch me ride the coat tails–whee!) has released a new EP, wonderfully titled “Songs in the Key of Being Terrified by the Idea of an Entire Life” (or) “The Whale in the Forest.” You can hear the entire thing, and purchase a copy–in either CD or digital flavors–at his bandcamp site: benjaminjamesonmorey.bandcamp.com

I swear to all that’s groovy you’ll like this music. He gets better with every release. (He doesn’t know this, but I consider a couple songs from his “The Giraffe in the Fishbowl” to be part of my internal soundtrack for Odori Park.)

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