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Caught the following link, yesterday, in a post by James West at the Wizards of UR blog:
Gorgeous Samurai Jack artwork, including many backgrounds (used on the show, I gather), from the Mad About Cartoons blog. Mad About Cartoons is new to me, but it seems as though these works are posted by the artist(s) who created them. Beautiful artwork, imo.

I was asked to provide the cover artwork for the month of September over at ComixTalk.com. I took the opportunity to do something a little more artsy fartsy than my norm. Please take a gander and let me know what you think! (Not sure, btw, if the cover is due to be posted immediately at the stroke of midnight on September first, or some time later in the week, so if you don’t see Odori Park characters in the top banner, please try back again in a day or two.)

Update: As Xaviar Xerexes kindly pointed out in the comments, the cover is up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Xaviar!

My good friend, illustrator Drew Baker, joined in on the latest episode of the Ninja Mountain podcast (#33). Ninja Mountain is a great podcast for folks interested in the professional and artistic lives of freelance illustrators (especially those working in fantasy and other genres). Drew is, of course, a very talented illustrator, who has worked extensively on the Legends of the Five Rings card game, as well as on Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars products. Please listen!


Just wanted to share a special treat I found in my in-box last week: Aidan Casserly, of the super-villainous webcomic Scapula, created a fun and much-appreciated illustration of the Eastons as gibbering gibbons! (A play on the conversation spawned by the Jan. 6th strip.)

Aidan: Ook ook eek ack ah ah ah!!

Aidan Casserly - Odori Gibbons

Correction: The Colacino Gallery at Nazareth will only be open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12-5, not Mondays through Saturdays, as previously posted. Sorry for the flub!

“We’ve got a really big shoooooe for you tonight!”
(Unrelated, but upon typing “Show” in the title, I wanted to add that.)

Due to the good graces of my friends Tom Galambos and Greg Lendeck, I’m participating in my first ever art gallery show starting today, and running through the first week of February, at the Margaret Colacino Gallery at Nazareth College, in Rochester, NY.

The show, titled “Instances,” features a large collection of our sequential art work, including over 40 big-as-life prints of my strips. It also features a “process wall,” on which the three of us will be directly painting a collaborative comic work during the run of the show. It promises to be quite a hoot. I’ll be posting some portions of the work here, but to get the full effect, you’ll definitely want to visit the gallery!

Due to the nature of the process wall, rather than an opening reception, we’ll be having a closing reception on Friday, February 5, from 6-8pm (all are welcome). The gallery itself is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-5pm.

I took some photos of the “Instances” gallery show (at Nazareth College’s Colacino Gallery through the 5th) before we really dig in to the mural walls (walls, mind you, not wall, as previously indicated; Tom and Greg have arranged them into four distinct surfaces, for four times the fun!). Have a first look via my Instances flickr set.

Although the closing reception was held a month ago, I haven’t yet shared photos–particularly of the final multi-wall mural–from the “Instances” gallery show at Nazareth College. Ironically, the photos have been online all this time, but I haven’t been able to squeak in the time to post a note about them. Well, that oversight ends here! (Picture me slamming my fist angrily on the table while chewing out Charles Bronson, or the local PTA.) Here you go. Please comment!

“Instances” Flickr Gallery 2

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