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Caught the following link, yesterday, in a post by James West at the Wizards of UR blog:
Gorgeous Samurai Jack artwork, including many backgrounds (used on the show, I gather), from the Mad About Cartoons blog. Mad About Cartoons is new to me, but it seems as though these works are posted by the artist(s) who created them. Beautiful artwork, imo.


Several years ago, I caught sight of a previously (by me) unknown anime film called Blood: The Last Vampire. The artwork and premise–spooky vampire hunter masquerading as school girl hunts bloodsuckers on an American military base in post WWII Japan–looked fun, so I gave it a shot. About an hour later, I was sitting in front of the TV, saying, “Wait, where’s the rest of the movie?”

See, I thought Blood had a lot of fun potential that it failed to make good on, largely because of the overly short running time. Cue the point of the story: A couple days ago, I ran across an ad banner (see, somebody pays attention to them!) advertising a live action version of this story. Here’s the movie site link.

Now, I have no idea whether it’s any good, nor whether it’s even truly new (Japanese films can take several years before they appear, as “new releases,” on U.S. shores), but I thought it was worth throwing out there at you folks.

In a similar vein, one film I heard about when I was visiting Japan last year that I’m still keen to see is a live-action Ge Ge Ge No Kitarou film. Looks like it has a scene with a giant ghost skeleton in it! (How could you miss with that?!)

Anyone ever seen any of these flicks and have an opinion to share? Thumbs up? Down?

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