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Some sites I think you might enjoy:

  • Art & Design

    • Alison Boncha The intersection of design, interaction, and good cooking.
    • Karli Tucker Lively and charming illustration and design.
  • Comics

    • Addanac City The wisecracks and misadventures of a real child “menace,” by George Ford
    • Bardsworth College life–in a fantasy world accessed via a closet. By Pete Tarkulich.
    • Bearman Cartoons New editorial and pop culture humor, by Bearman.
    • Ben A comedy about “retirement, grandparenting, and family,” by Daniel Shelton
    • Best In Show “A comic strip gone to the dogs,” by Phil Juliano
    • Brilliant Boy Classic comic strip comedy of a brilliant tyke and his friends, by David & Tim Dang.
    • Capes & Babes “A strip mall, a comic book shop, and one crazy werewolf,” by Chris Flick.
    • Cigarro & Cerveja A hard-drinking goose & a chain-smoking hare. Sharp comedy by Tony Esteves.
    • Fall On Me The autobiographical misadventures of a newlywed cross-cultural couple, by Adriana.
    • Fried Chicken and Sushi The comedic trials of an American teaching in Japan, by Khalid Birdsong.
    • Hamleto the Hamster The very cute tales of a hamster and his human, by Valentina Sgaggero.
    • Johnny Wander Sometimes about “life after college,” sometimes pure fiction, always beautifully drawn, by Ananth Panagariya & Yuko Ota.
    • Kawaii Not “The comic for cute gone bad,” by Meghan Murphy
    • Legendary Woodsman An action adventure serial following a hero whose identity is drawn from fairy tales, by Tony Esteves.
    • Life’s a Witch “Real life is real magic.” By Samantha Wikan.
    • Madbury Jynksie’s pseudo-autobio tale of a loving couple facing middle age…and monkeys writing Shakespeare.
    • Monsterhood Monsters galore; the story of a boy living in a town of ghouls. By Tony Colley.
    • Omega Chase Adventure story crossing multiple genres. With zombies. By Keith Dallas & Julio Molina-Muscara.
    • Pewfell Porfingles “The epic fantasy sit-com,” by Chuck Whelon, with Adam Prosser.
    • Plus One Adventures in unexpected parenting, by Dustin Reese.
    • Pointe East A serial about rebuilding your life, and the hilarity that ensues, by John Kalogerakos.
    • RPG Blues “Because role-playing games really need to be made fun of,” by Pete Delgado, Jr.
    • Scapula Aidan Casserly’s tale of a super villain who’s chronically less than super.
    • Spilled Ink Cartoons Slices of eccentric cartoonist life, by Robert the “Spilled Ink Guy.”
    • Taka Comics A comics anthology currently running “Chromacorps,” a super-sentai adventure serial, by Trevor Kent.
    • Terence N. Tijuana “Office cubicles in space,” by Keong C.
    • The Cow It’s The Crow, minus the R, plus comedy. By Mike Donohue.
    • The Frustrated Cartoonist The name says it all! A daily comic by Nate Fakes.
    • The SuperFogeys The adventures of the super-tired! By Brock Heasley and Marc Lapierre.
    • The Webcomic Factory Humor, drama & horror from Tony DiGerolamo of Kenzer & Co. fame, including my fave: Post-Apocalyptic Nick. (Adult language & situations.)
    • Unbearable Bears Like the Care Bears, except there’s only one, and he’s neurotic, by David Lamason.
    • UNcubed “The life and times of an Indian guy named Krishna and his family,” by Krishna Sadasivam.
    • War of Winds Epic fantasy following four gods at war, by Kez.
    • Woody After Hours A late-night talk show that’s really a comic, by Paul Westover & Ben Carter.
    • Zombie Boy Mark Stokes’s tales of a voodoo zombiefied knee-high miscreant.
    • Zorphbert and Fred “Two aliens, disguised as humans, here to study human life,” by Dawn Griffin.
  • Japan

    • Nihon de Reports home from life in Japan, by David in Japan.
    • Robin White Online Beautiful photos of Japan, comics, and an interesting perspective
    • Sapporo Webcams Webcam shots and photos of Odori Park, Sapporo, and other places in Hokkaido.
    • The Ainu Museum Learn about the indigenous people of northern Japan.
    • The Obakemono Project A Japanese monster-pedia with gorgeous illustrations.

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