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I’m happy to say my new comic, BorderWalker made it through the Submission round of the Webtoons contest! Which is to say, I had three episodes uploaded by the deadline :) Now the real hard part has started: I need to collect Votes, Ratings, and Subscriptions (I think).

See, the top twenty vote-getters will move on to the final stage of judge-based selection. To get there, I need a lot of folks to vote for my comic, and to come back and vote every day. The order the comics appear on the contest page seems to be related primarily to a nebulous Popularity score, which I’m guessing is based on a combination of Rating and number of Subscribers.

So, long story short: If you like my new series, and you’d like to see more, please pop over to Webtoons.com, log in with Facebook, Twitter, or a Line account, and throw a Vote, a positive Rating, and a Subscription my way! I’m going to try to post regularly during the Voting phase with previews of pages to come.

And please share the comic, too! The more folks who read it, the better–and it’s people enjoying my comics that I’m really after through all this. :) Thank you!

With that in mind, here’s a look at a little art from the next episode (click to enlarge):

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