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It was a fun Sunday in Portland, Maine! Perfect weather, and the same great character-rich location as last year. I met some great cartoonists, including table neighbors and uber-artists Brian Moore (brianmooredraws.com) and Dani Jones (danijones.com), and I got to reconnect with an old friend from college days, Anne Thalheimer (www.etsy.com/shop/mymonsterhat). Plus, my buddy John Forcucci (johnforcucci.com) came along, and you couldn’t ask for a better drive-and-table mate. Got to catch up again with Peet Tamburino (heymailman.tumblr.com) and Jesse Lonnergan (jesselonergan.blogspot.com), too, which was awesome. I’m realizing my shout-outs are just turning into a long list of names–awesome names, but names nonetheless–so I’ll just say: Thanks, everyone!

The next big affair is MICE, out in October. Hopefully I’ll have some minis and maybe some graphic novel pages to show off by then!


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