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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Snow Problem
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  1. DeNarr

    Wow, that’s a quiet return after a long absence.

  2. Erik Johnson

    I have some neighbors who built a snowman of such scale. They used a plastic kiddie pool as a base.

    I did enjoy the use of indoor and outdoor colors here.

  3. Adam First

    Chris, you have my email, and I’ve written to Adriana Blake before, even sending her some of my poems to read to her daughter Olivia. If you’re interested in checking out my poems, just let me know.

    Being an introvert and an academic, I have seen the world move along before I could get my work out, but I still write because I believe that writing is one of the most powerful forces mankind will never know.

  4. Chris

    Yeah, DeNarr, I don’t have the time yet to commit to a full-scale return, but I’m hoping to pop up a new comic every once in a while.
    Thanks, Erik! For the compliment and the idea… :)
    I appreciate your note, Adam. So glad you connected.

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