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Recovering from the Maine Comics Arts Festival today. It was a good time! Pleasantly surprised by the number of kids there–including behind the tables. Some really talented young’uns out there! Also surprised by the number of sketches I wound up doing of Minecraft creatures. :)

The Odori Park Omnibus is at the printer as I type this, and they’re due to send me the proof today. Since I wouldn’t have the book or the proof at the show, I went to Staples, and whipped up an unbound mock-up of the book. It’s impressive how hefty 248 pages of comics at 9″x9″ really are (especially when they’re my own work)! :D Here’s a peek at the mock-up:

Now that MeCAF is out of the way, my next priorities are to get the Omnibus up for sale on the site, and to survey Kickstarter backers on their shipping addresses and other pertinent info. A big thanks to everyone who came by the table on Sunday, and to my table-pal John Forcucci, and our table neighbors, Chris and Corey.

(Did I mention I got to meet Kazu Kibuishi, Ben Hatke, Jimmy Gownley and Lincoln Pierce? ‘Cuz I did, and that was awesome. Great guest list at this show!)

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