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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Arigatou Gozaimess
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  1. George Ford

    He is one smart husband. He knows how to survive. :D

  2. Chris

    He might not have much forethought, though–this will come back to haunt him :)

  3. JakeLives!

    Good to see you back! Did you do something different in how you draw Arisa and Colin’s profile? Their lines seem a little rounder.

  4. Chris

    I think I was just “in flow” while drawing this. There was nothing conscious–but I do like how it came out :)

  5. JakeLives!

    That’s hard to make happen sometimes, to keep the line going smoothly without pausing or running over a slightly rough spot on the page from too many erases throwing you off. Then telling yourself, “It’s okay, I can smooth it out in Corel after I scan,” but knowing full well you’re going to forget to do that and wind up leaving the flawed line as is.
    Or maybe that’s just me.

  6. Chris

    Oh, I’ve been there, in one shape or another! I find a quick confident stroke to be the best (when you can pull it off) :)

  7. Fugacity

    I’m kind of sad that this comic is on extended - or apparently permanent - hiatus.

  8. Chris

    Thanks, Fugacity. I appreciate that sentiment. I’m still here, listening, even if I haven’t been posting. I’m actually about to post a news update, so hopefully you’ll see that. Interesting things are happening, albeit slowly!

  9. Adam First

    Chris, I love your work. I’m a writer myself (actually an out-of-work video game critic) and I would love it if we could collaborate. I’ve seen your illustrations and I think they would be perfect to bring my poems to life…particularly my poems which are re-tellings of Japanese and Chinese mythology.

  10. Chris

    Hi, Adam. I’m awfully flattered by your interest. I don’t actually take on many projects outside my own, as I’m busier than I can handle as it is :} I’d love to read your poems somewhere sometime, though–please post if you have a site or book somewhere we could check out!

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