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Last night, I talked with Kurt Sasso on his Two Geeks Talking podcast about wrapping up five years of the Odori Park comic strip. We really covered a lot of interesting ground, from the Kickstarter to print the Odori Park Omnibus (which, by the way, ends in about a week, and needs just a couple hundred dollars to meet the goal–so pleeeease go preorder!), the evolution of an artist’s craft over time, getting support from your family, and acknowledging and working through creative stagnation. We also talked about my upcoming projects, and I gave up some spoileresque details on my kids graphic novel.

This is also a good time to note that the Odori Park Omnibus Kickstarter has just a few days left (did I mention that already?) so now would be a stupendous time to preorder a copy for yourself, and to spread word around to all your comics-loving friends! (It’s my birthday today, as I post this, so if you need even more cheap motivation: consider this a gift to me while you’re getting a gift for yourself!) :D

Thanks, everyone, for the continued support!

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