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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: War Of Words
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  1. ExPaladin

    “Ageru” and “Kureru”? I need to check what they mean.

  2. Will Wilson

    Scale it down, man

  3. Spike Matthews

    I’m a tad OCD and had some training as a teacher, so I have something of a didactic and in-depth aspect to any explanation of things I give. This doesn’t sit well with my wife, as she has an easily bored mind and doesn’t bother concentrating on anything she takes an active interest in.

    One memorable conversation involved the sexes of different pine cones. Don’t ask. Just don’t.

  4. Chris

    ExPaladin, don’t worry, I’ll just have Colin email you an explanation…
    Will, are you asserting that the complexity of the descriptive dialogue used in this narrative is somehow too extreme?
    Spike, I won’t ask. But now you made me want to Google it. ;)

  5. JakeLives!

    Based on a true story?

  6. Chris


  7. Spike Matthews

    Chris, it wasn’t the actual pine cones, but the conversation they started. Half an hour of trying to get my wife to understand that seeds didn’t just appear.

  8. Chris

    That’s awesome :)

  9. DadaHyena

    This is a real thing called logorrhea; it has a lengthy, detailed explanation that I won’t go into.

    What? I don’t have logorrhea.

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