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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Veganese
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  1. jynksie

    Sowwy. but if I cant put cream in my coffee, then how can life be worth living?!? [blinks]

    Besides, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, it’s not necessarily the foods we eat, but the lifestyle we live, along with the genetic predispositions to certain health risks right out of the womb. Cold water fish are one of the best things a person can eat, so EAT Colin,,, EAT! [smirk]

  2. Chris

    It seems to me that mileage varies from person to person. My vegan experiment didn’t seem to produce measurable short-term benefits (although my experiment was a bit skewed due to chronic lack of sleep), but I’ve heard plenty of stories from others that it creates higher energy levels, etc. Someone suggested that maybe I didn’t see much change because with our family’s already fairly healthy eating habits, cutting out animal products didn’t deliver much difference. Long term effects are harder to measure on a personal scale.
    But yeah, until Dunkin Donuts offers soy milk, I’d have a hard time staying 100% veg. :)

  3. Kiriain

    I believe the actual word may be 草食系者. (I’m sorry, this is pretty mean, but I also tried to make it work)

  4. Khalid Birdsong

    This is so true. It’s amazing that in Japan most people have a difficult time understanding what eating vegan means. Fish is in everything so it’s tough to eat a true vegan diet!

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