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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Energy Crisis
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  1. JakeLives!

    And that’s why I had to quit the Fiber Plus bars as well…

  2. jynksie

    yeahhh…. I’ve done the tofu thing… against my will and I had the same results. Bursts of ebergy that escape out the back door! [blinks]

  3. Khalid Birdsong

    I can totally relate to this one. Love the skull and cross bones toot!

  4. Chris

    I’ve gotten so used to eating tofu that I didn’t think of the gaseous effects of that, but I’ve definitely felt the fiber effect. :) I did learn that it pays to rinse canned beans before use, so there’s a culinary tip for you.
    Khalid, don’t your toots come out with pre-affixed warning labels? Maybe it’s just me and Colin…

  5. stjerne

    Decaf is worse than regular coffee. Too many chemicals are used to extract the caffeine just enjoy it. The Swiss method of removing caffeine is supposed to be a little healthier, but if you want to be healthy drink herbal tea.

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