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Got a cross-town plug to share today: I wrote a guest article for the Webcomic Alliance (purveyor of fine articles and podcasts about webcomics and the creators who love them), and thought you might enjoy a read. It’s called:

Mindfulness, Flow and the Comics Connection

I’ve been working through a number of productivity issues with comics making over the years, and this past year has been a banner one for learnings and synthesis. I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to share some of what I’ve been putting together, so the summer run of guest articles at WA was a perfect chance. (Thanks to Chris Flick, Byron Wilkinson, and the others at the WA for pulling this together.)

I have plenty more thoughts about productivity, mindfulness, and creative flow, so if you have a read and enjoy the piece, please let me know–or better yet, add your thoughts to the conversation–and I may do a follow-up article.

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