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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Horders
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  1. Michael Corley


  2. Chris

    Not far off from the sound Arisa hears when Colin talks, perhaps. ;)
    Btw, I’m glad you commented, Michael. I had planned to post this strip on Monday the 24th, and if you hadn’t written, I wouldn’t have noticed it was already live. Thanks for being there! :D

  3. jynksie

    Who needs words with friends when playing with them yourself is even more fun?!? This is my favorite kind of humor, word play! [bravooooo]

  4. Spike Matthews

    I’m with Colin here - I have a near-OCD need for people to spell words correctly so as to avoid confusion. Unless it’s intentional, in which case bring it on, for I am also a fan of wordplay.

  5. Scott

    Whenever I make puns and capitalize on homonyms, my wife tells me jokes are supposed to be funny.

    Which is pretty funny. ;)

  6. Chris

    jynksie: I like the cut of your glib, sir.
    Spike: So I assume you, too, hate it when you find words like your/you’re transposed in print? Word snobs unite!
    Scott: Your lowest form of humor is the tops with me, Scott :)

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