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Back in 2011, I was interviewed by Kurt Sasso (and surprise co-host Trevor Kent!) for his TGT Webcomics (now TGT Media) podcast. (Here’s the link to that episode: number 150.) Kurt’s a kind host, and we had a good long conversation about Odori Park. Two years later, now it’s my turn to plug for Kurt:

Starting soon, Kurt will have an IndieGoGo campaign running to build funds for his new documentary, Little Person Among Media Giants.
Update: Here’s the link to Kurt’s IndieGoGo campaign page!
Here’s Kurt’s Facebook page about the project.

Kurt describes the film thusly:
“Everyone struggles for greatness. This is the journey of one person striving to get an interview which will make or break my career. I have interviewed many people, however, that one great interview has not happened and has been elusive…until Fan Expo:”

To make this extra cool (for me, at least), Kurt has asked me if I would consider some original artwork to be used as a funding incentive. I promise you, whoever walks away with that prize will not be underwhelmed. Overwhelmed, perhaps, but sufficiently whelmed, at least, to be sure. (Apparently, the IndieGoGo system limits the number of perks Kurt can list; my artwork is part of the deal, although it may not always appear on the campaign page as a reward. Not sure what that really means. I’ve never done one of these myself.)

Once the IndieGoGo page is live, I’ll post a link here for you to check it out!
Update: Here it is! Little Person Among Media Giants at IndieGoGo

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