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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Creeps
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  1. ExPaladin

    Oh, c’mon! My blob monster isn’t THAT scary! :P

  2. JakeLives!

    Please tell me its clowns.

  3. Michael Corley

    Oh, so every fear I have about my daughter.

  4. Chris

    I’d take blobs and clowns, that’s for sure.
    I walked in on my 7yo and his buddy watching YouTube videos to the sound of a cartoon character declaring: “I’m gonna freakin’ murder everyone.” I went back into the history later to see just how objectionable the videos were. I wasn’t pleased, but it could’ve been a lot worse.
    Wishing I could put a parental lock on the YouTube iPad app. (It may be called “taking the iPad away.”)

  5. Mastercodex

    Turns out sprout was just drawing a comic about a jobless monster.
    The economy is the scariest monster there is

  6. ExPaladin

    I’ll keep that in mind when I have children of my own.

  7. Chris

    Mastercodex: Which makes blob-clown-economists a triple threat!
    ExPaladin: In another few years, when we’re all downloading YouTube directly into our brain chips, there may be no opportunity to filter the content… : /

  8. Kiriain

    Hmm, I’ve checked and found that there are parental controls on the Ipad, but not on the app itself. Although there does seem to be apps that can control other apps.

    I wonder what monsters he saw, I could give him ideas…

  9. Spike Matthews

    Jokes aside, I’m betting bullying and/or bigotry.
    Nice to see a tender side to Mama now and then.

  10. tak

    What scares me the most is that sometimes the inappropriate stuff on the internet is created by children too. Eeep.

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