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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Kirin
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:: Kirin ::


  1. Kiriain

    Face it. Kirin are just wonderfully magical. I’ve never heard of a Unicorn Ale.

  2. qka

    Never heard of Unicorn Ale? Now you have.


    Ain’t the Interwebs cool?

  3. Chris

    You’re on your own now, Kiriain. Is there a kappa flavored beer? I’ve heard there’s a hobgoblin brew…

  4. ExPaladin

    When I was a kid, I drew a happy-looking blob monster that shot laser bullets out of its mouth. :P

    I wonder where I got the inspiration for it.

  5. Mastercodex

    Would you really want your children to be protected against something beer endorses?

  6. Mark Stokes

    This strip is so fun in so many ways, not the least of which because I’ve always loved the Kirin label!

  7. DadaHyena

    Learn well, Colin: beer will always defeat the hipster’s favorite mythical critter!

  8. Kiriain

    @qka Well, I stand corrected.

  9. JakeLives!

    I never knew Kirin beer was named for that. Asahi seems so much more lame now. Wait, Asahi is SUPER dry. That’s like a super power for beer, right?

  10. Chris

    ExPaladin: Laser bullets are like the best of two worlds!
    Mastercodex: Good point. Duff Man seems less inspiring, as far as superheroes go…
    Mark: Hah–some good design, I’m sure. Does the label get more attractive as the beer diminishes?
    DadaHyena: It also defeats self-control and self-respect!
    Jake: Asahi means something like the “morning sun.” Could be a Super-Man connection…

  11. JakeLives!

    So it’s a breakfast beer then!

  12. Puck

    Um, actually, according to popular mythos, unicorns will do just about anything for a virgin. Go gaga for ‘em… They’re the only ones who can get near unicorns. ¬_¬

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