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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Finding Your Way
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  1. Michael Corley

    Page one: BANG BANG “the bad guy is dead”. Hurray!

  2. JakeLives!

    Her work is… um, efficiently Japanese?

  3. Chris

    Michael: Why not? Cut to the chase, I say!
    Jake: Sure, a graphic novel in haiku form, perhaps?

  4. TakaComics

    “This is barely a graphic novella.”

  5. Chris

    Hey, lots of valuable literature is short! Melville, Conrad… Lucky Charms boxes… direct mailers…

  6. reynard61

    @ Chris: Fortune cookie fortunes…

  7. DadaHyena

    “…and when did all the characters become invisible?”

  8. Nate Fakes

    Well, it’s a start! Better than just two….

  9. Kudzuisedible

    I’m with Nate on this. Six is three times better than two! Also, Sara might be welcome to consider the current state of the project a “storyboard” for future refinements. At least, she can proceed to market the current result (pitch for publication advances, maybe?) based on a script and sample of the “upcoming” art work. And perhaps Arisa could shift to rudimentary art work, conceptional sketches, for another thirty quick pages. That would look like five “weekday” and one “Sunday full color” layouts for six weeks, an admirable project. Or maybe Sara and Arisa will have a sisterly heart-to-heart, after which Arisa will find motivation to do the project right. I’m counting on Chris to have a better idea for resolution of this conflict than these….

    @reynard61 Best fortune cookie fortune yet: “Fortunes from a cookie are worth what you pay for them.”

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