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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Just Right
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  1. spilledinkguy

    Everyone’s a critic (but it looks like the most important one is happy)!

  2. ExPaladin

    Mission accomplished, I’d say. :)

  3. DadaHyena

    There’s a world of difference between what kids want and what producers/publishers/editors THINK they want (or think they know what sells and what wont infuriate parents).

  4. Chris

    SpilledInk: There’s a place for constructive criticism, but there’s a place for unabashed affection, too, I think :)
    ExPaladin: It’s like they say: take what you can use from a critique, and leave the rest. ;)
    DadaHyena: I think that’s a pretty fair statement, Aidan!

  5. Michael Corley

    Know your audience, :)

  6. JakeLives!

    At least Colin knows who knows what’s important in a kid’s story.

  7. rpgbluesguy

    wow…that really hit home. i’ve been down this road with a lot of editors and wannabe critics thinking they knew who the target audience is, when in fact, they never had a clue >:(

  8. Spike Matthews

    Yay! for Sprout.
    It’s all well and good getting an adult to review a children’s book, but it’s never going to be the same as we adults have a lifetime of intellectual and emotional baggage.
    Will we get to see the book somehow?

  9. Chris

    Mike: Or, in some cases, BE your audience (in mind, anyway) :)
    Jake: Well said!
    RPGBlues: It’s nice to know this resonates, Pete. I imagine we’ve all been here at one time or another.
    Spike: Very true! Not sure whether you’ll get to see the book in detail; I’m still puzzling it out, but it would be fun to do!

  10. Chris

    (By the way, it just occured to me that some folks may overlap the experiences Colin’s having with what I’m going through in putting my graphic novel together. I didn’t even really intend for this story and my work on the book to happen at the same time. :) Every experience is grist for the mill, but I’ve been getting nothing but helpful feedback from the folks I’ve been sharing development stuff with. Just FYI. :D )

  11. Scott

    Customer orientation at its best…and funniest. Love it!

  12. Chris

    Thanks, Scott! This is the best sort of reaction I think a creative can get ;)

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