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I’ve mentioned a few times in my talk of plans for 2013 a new kid-friendly graphic novel. In just the first week or so since I got my new creative year rolling, I’ve been able to cobble the various notes I took over 2012 into a complete outline for the book. Very exciting! Now I’ll polish it up a bit and dig into writing the actual script. My plan is to start putting stylus or brush pen to page for some actual comics drawing in late February.

I promised to share some development tidbits as I work along, so here’s the first of the sneak peeks I can offer: a set of character development sketches. Really studies and character design ideas wrapped into one. I’m trying to find a fun and loose way of drawing for this book, but, given that the characters are animals, I also want to give them a sense of real life. It’s tricky!


  1. Beep Club

    I look forward to seeing this. How will this be available mind I ask?

  2. Chris

    I’m thrilled that you’re interested, so please, ask away! :) I’m hoping to release it as a printed graphic novel. I’d like to go through a larger publisher for this one, so that it can get into libraries and schools easily. I’m planning to do up the script and illustrate the first chapter, then start looking for a literary agent to shop it to publishers. (Maybe I should do a post about this part of the planning, too. Think anyone would be interested?)

  3. patchworx13

    Really, really dig seeing your work in progress, especially all the character designs. Please keep ‘em comin’!

  4. Chris

    Thanks, Patch! I definitely will…

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