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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Tryptophraud
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  1. SpilledInkGuy

    I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mr. W!

  2. JakeLives!

    The style looks different today, is there any particular inspiration for it?

    Happy Thanksgiving! I went to a few different gatherings myself.

  3. Dustin

    You’r characters look like they’ve taken a few steps backwards through the years, with the short arms and legs. I had to re-read the strip a few times to make sure I didn’t miss a plot point where they traveled through time.

    Having said all that, I do enjoy this style, it’s very cartoonie and has a nice life to it.

  4. Chris

    SpilledInk: Thanks, Robert! We did. Hope you and yours did, too!
    Jake: Just part of my ongoing “artsperimentation” kick. Thought I’d go way off in left field to see what I thought (and what folks had to say) :) Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
    Dustin: Hah, yeah, they do look sort of… regressed. :) Glad you like the look of it. My wife had some thoughts on this style. I’m going to write an art blog post for next week about it.

  5. JakeLives!

    It’s different. I find it hard to say whether or not I really like a style change until I’ve seen it a few times. My natural reaction is always ‘no’, but that’s because I’m used to the old style.

  6. Odori Park » Archive » Artsperimentation Blog: Putting it Back Together :: A webcomic comedy of culture shock in love, life, and family, by Chris Watkins ::

    [...] the rather broad stylistic departure I took in my strip for this past Friday, I think I’m satisfied–for the time being–with my “artsperiments.” [...]

  7. Chris

    Jake, that’s kind of how I feel, too. :)

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