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I promised in my last Artsperimentation Blog post that I’d share some of the style experiments I’ve been conducting. I’m finding it very hard to pull myself away from the three-dimensional, relatively detailed, and “iconically-realistic” approach I’ve evolved for Odori Park. Even when I stretch the boundaries to infuse more “cartoon” into my drawings (starting with last Friday’s strip), it’s not taking me very far.

I’ve been looking to some other artists for inspiration. Folks like Bryan Lee O’Malley and Joel Carroll have a style I find compelling, although when I adopt flavors of it, it’s not any faster to produce. I’ve also looked at art from folks like Graham Annable, and I’m thinking back to classic newspaper strips like Peanuts. I can’t envision, though, how these characters I’ve created–and the various camera angles and settings I present them in–could work effectively in a more 2D world. I’m going to push my limits more on this next week, I think.

For now, here’s a look at some sketches from the past couple weeks. (I was really enjoying where some of the Arisa sketches were going. I should also note that one loose-leaf notebook sheet has drawings of me and my family on it. :) ) Click any thumbnail to enlarge.

I should mention that, last night, I had a great chat with John Forcucci and Britt Snyder. John mentioned that it was exciting to see me experimenting and stretching my artistic boundaries. I’ve been so focused on the efficiency goal of this exercise, that I may have been robbing myself of some of the fun of experimentation. In truth, when I forget myself, it has been tons of fun.

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