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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: L’impertinente Lemure
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  1. SpilledInkGuy

    Sorry, Colin (I already ate them out of ‘unlimited’ status).

  2. JakeLives!

    Colin Easton- Keepin’ it Classy

  3. Chris

    Leave any bottomless steak fries behind, Robert?
    Jake, he’s even got a t-shirt with a tuxedo on it he could wear!

  4. Luemas

    Grammar Nazi alert:
    I believe the proper verb would be where is.
    But the comic is so true nevertheless.

  5. George Ford

    That sounds exactly like my wife and I when we go out. Sure, garcon, you can tell us everything you have recommended by the chef that day, but we just want the 2 for 20 special and a couple of ice waters with lemon. :D

  6. Chris

    Luemas, I challenge you to a grammar-off! :D Isn’t the proper form of the verb connected to the last item in the list? (Or is it the first?) Wikipedians, start your engines… ;)
    George: Hah! That’s so us, too.

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