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Order of business the first:
Huge thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by to see me at MICE 2012 this past weekend! I met some new folks, shared some books and sketches, and generally had a good time. Props to Jynksie of Madbury, who table-sat for me so I could get out and see the show myself! Thanks!

Order of business the second:
Getting ready for MICE nearly completely consumed the latter part of my week last week, so Friday’s strip was… delayed. Given that the comic in question has posted on Sunday, I’ll be holding off on a comic for Monday the first of October, and uploading something double-sized (and spooky, in the Halloween tradition) for Wednesday!


  1. jynksie

    I enjoyed sitting behind that table conversing with other creators and patrons while you were off mingling. The weird thing tho, people always walked away from me faster than they arrived, well, mostly because I was chasing them down and taking their money[wink] Your banner looked awesome BTW!

  2. Chris

    Thanks again, Jynksie! Next time, it’s your turn :)
    Btw, I think I figured out who you mentioned had stopped by while I was hobnobbing: Brigid Alverson was at the show, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to catch up with her. Maybe next time!

  3. jynksie

    I looked up the name you gave above and found a pic, so yes, thats her! I told her you’d be back in about ten minutes, which you were. so I looked for her on the way out, but didn’t see her.

  4. Jeff

    Hey Chris, it was great meeting you and Jynksie at MICE. Hope to see you guys again soon at some roundtable meetings/conventions in the future.

  5. Chris

    Hi, Jeff! It was great to meet you, too! Definitely hoping to catch up with you again in the future–glad you might be at some Roundtable sessions!

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